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A dad’s influence

Fathers have such a great impact on us as children of both genders, and this impact affects even our later life; as well as attributes in and towards marriage, family, career. It also affects our confidence and expectation from life – some believe they have to be hustlers, others have hope of a good life because it was modeled to them, others exhibit the roughness they experienced, etc.

And for girls, they can become ever so strong and confident and go for their dreams with zeal, passion and belief; or on the contrary see men as enemies and avoid them at all costs (having no healthy relationships with them), or sell themselves far too short for not having known their true worth and value from a proper and loving male perspective (read father/dad.)

We should be grateful when we have a fatherly model in our lives, for we know not the magnitude of the blessing they are and give us in our lives – until it’s either gone (sad, God forbid) or until we see the wonders of its power at work in our lives.

I don’t want to say that this ‘Father Thing’ is overrated, because it’s not – I don’t believe it is. We are all unique and different and have different approaches and responses to life, so no-one’s being judged here.

But for what it’s worth, thank God for the Fathers in your life, appreciate t hem, and if God nudges your heart to do so, father/be a father figure to someone/some people in your life. It matters a lot, it does!

Happy Fathers’ Day! (Albeit belated).

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Daddy Dates

This is one book that I would recommend for all fathers to read. All fathers who want to be dads to their girls. Greg Wright writes about the dates that he has taken his daughters on, and the results of dating his daughters

I was particularly awed by the ring factor, where upon turning 16, he gives his daughter a ring, promising to take care of her until he hands her over to her husband-to-be. This makes the girl feel very special, and as they continue to date, she matures through the learning process, and gets to know what treatment and attributes to expect from a man – setting her standards pretty high and consequently protecting her from very potential heartbreak.

I highlighted many of the parts as I read, such as the following.


“I believe it’s the job of every husband and father to understand that his job – perhaps his most important job is to be the pursuer. Not just at the beginning, but all the way through….Girls want us to discover their specialness, praise it, and treasure it.”

“Keep knocking. Your little girl is in there somewhere, and she wants and needs your love and approval.”

“I want their daughters to value their bodies, sure, but also understand that their bodies do not define who they are. That’s the plan, anyway. I am trying to teach them that sex – as fun and important as it is in life – will not deliver what they want, which is true love and real intimacy.” (Wright)

This is a book I will be reading over and over again. Only one disappointment though, he doesn’t talk about how to dad a woman, because as he honestly lets known, he doesn’t know how to (yet.) I’m waiting for that book, Wright. Write it, Wright!

This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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You’re still precious, yes you are

Dear girls, (and guys)


I hope you have been well. I wrote in a prayer last week, that I believe we make every now and then when faced with tough choices. May God help us to choose wisely.

Sometimes we compromise ourselves in light of momentary entertainment. The pleasure of the moment pressures us to do things we would otherwise not do. Or never thought we would do.

Sometimes we need to learn to forgive ourselves and forge ahead. A few weeks ago I talked about several dads that are now in my life, thanks to God.

You’re still precious

I heard one of them recently encourage a young girl, and I’d like to try and quote what he said. The girl had gotten herself into some trouble and was feeling pretty low and worthless. And this is what he said.

“Girl, you are still precious before God, and to me. I love you today, tomorrow and the day after. You may be in a mess right now, but you are not a mess. You can get out of this situation and use your experience to help others. The devil could be trying to show you how worthless you are so that you don’t fulfill your God given purpose. Don’t give him that pleasure. Resist him. I am here to walk with you, and the Holy Spirit, your Comforter, Friend and Helper is with you. You will not walk alone. We will walk through this together and you will come out victorious.”

Now that coming from an ‘adopted’ dad, I find very powerful. Such love and care can only be provided by God. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. More on this later.

Can you be my dad?

Then I met this wonderful young girl who’s been in my life for a while now. And she said that she wanted to have an ‘adopted’ dad. I think we’ll get her one. The dads are eager. And we girls have been searching. Can God be any louder in answering our prayers????

Let me hear from you, whether you’re a girl, guy or dad. Let’s talk. Let’s talk about real issues from the heart. Like self esteem, like confidence. Like how we feel eroded when we are compromised or when someone hurts someone we love. No flower-coats here. The real thing, the real stuff. What do you wish you’d tell to a most loving dad who’d offer you God’s love and comfort? Dads, what would you like to tell these your daughters, from the heart of God?

Talking from the heart,

Your ( only by God’s grace) Amazing Girl,


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Full Article: Amazing Dads for Amazing Girls…yeah!!


I have great news!!! I’m not even sure what to start with.

Amazing Girl Party

We had a party on Sunday, after quite a long time. It was dubbed Baby Party, and this was organized by the girls themselves. The very youngest of them, Rachel, is our Pastor, (smile), and was the leader of the meeting. She had made some very cute programs for each of us, and did a very good job moderating. We celebrated the birthday of my daughter, Hetal, who turned one on Thursday the 18th of August. They had some very special gifts for her, and I was ever so blown and grateful! We also learnt about modesty, and used the dictionary this time round to get the definition. It says, “(especially of a woman or her clothes or behavior) avoiding or not showing anything that might excite sexual feelings.” (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, © 1987.)

Amazing Dads for Amazing Girls

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the past few months, have been writing to both girls and dads here on my website, and they (you) have been reading. I have received quite some responses on these, and been encouraged to know that other girls have had similar needs and are getting blessed, and that there are some wonderful dads out there who care about this and are willing to do something about it.

Dadless to a girl of many dads…

So I sat and thought, and it dawned on me that god has done many things in my life for a very special purpose indeed. From a dadless girl to a girl of many dads….it can only be for His own very special purpose. And perhaps the purpose is to share these dads with other girls. See, if He wanted me to have a dad just for me, He’d have given me one. But He has graced me with many. So I think it is His purpose and intention to dad other girls through me.

Could you perhaps do the same for other girls….., please?????

So, I asked my team of dads if they would do for other girls what they have done for me. And they said yes….a resounding yes!!!! I am so glad, so elated. I am happy to know that other girls can receive this special gift too. From the few I have had this conversation with, they would love it!!! I’m happy to blessed with the opportunity to meet girls’ needs.

Dad-encouragement for girls!

So hey, here goes, girls. If you have ever wanted or needed a dad, a dad affirmation, encouragement…. Just fatherly love shown to you, write to me about it, and I will pass it on to the dads, and you sure will get a response. What I missed most was dad-daughter communication. I did not necessarily want it every day, but the once in a while communication would have done wonders. Especially if it was positive. And the positive ones I have received from my team of great, amazing dads has been awesome, or “ausam!!” as my baby sister would say it.

Girls, you’re welcome to receive a Father’s Love

So what do you say, girls? You’re in for a treat! I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that no need is too small to express, to petty or too insignificant. You are very important, and all of you and your concerns are very, very, important too.

So let’s ride on to Amazing Experiences!!!

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