Please Don’t Do It

During this Valentine’s Season, many girls lose their virginity to people to whom they think they are special. They imagine that there’ll be fireworks and love that lasts forever. That they’ll be special and loved, that it’ll be something oh so awesome.

Well, child, allow me to write this to you. Keeping your viriginity untill when you get married is a gift to yourself. Yes, you honor God when you do it, but you also give yourself a very special gift, a gift that comes with dignity, pride, purity, assurance, self-esteem, self-confidence, and many others.

Having sex before marriage is not really that special. You may think that everyone is doing it and that it’s the in thing to do, and you might feel like you’re missing out if you’re not doing it. Well, let me tell you this, you think they’re fancy? You can be like them in a moment. But they can’t be like you, ever, ever again. Do you want to make that switch? Right now, you have a choice. After you’ve done it, there’s no erasing it. Keep your virginity. Save yourself unnecessary pain and heartbreak.

See, you think it’s going to be all nice and there’ll be fanfare about it. What you don’t know is that you are the one who’s going to experience it in its fullness, the before, the during and the after. You’ll be dreaming about it before you do it, sometimes apprehensively, wondering how it’ll all be, whether you really should do it or not, what your friends will think, whether you’ll finally fit in.

As you do it, let me tell you, you’ll be wondering whether this is really all there was to it. Whether this is the best person to have do it with first. Whether it was all worth it.

After you do it, you’ll begin to worry about whether you’re the only one he’s done it with, might you be pregnant, might you now have an STD, is that all there was to it, was it worth it? And you’ll wish you hadn’t done it.

You might numb these feelings using drugs and alcohol, partying and other lewd behaviors. Or you might hide behind make-up, fancy dressing and loud living to try and silence the noise that’s inside. Child, that ain’t gonn’ work.

The best time to give yourself that peace of mind that you so, so need, is now. The time to avoid nights when you cry yourself to sleep because of guilt, self-doubt, anger, bitterness and indescribable pain is now. The time to avoid regret is now. Please don’t do it. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

I know that some of you reading this now have already done it. It’s not okay, no, I won’t say that it’s okay. But there is hope, in Jesus. You can come to Him for refuge and strength, forgiveness and cleansing. And you can start all over again, committing to living a pure life and leaving the past truly behind. He can heal you and walk with you. You may never forget, but the wound can turn into a scar, a painless but inspiring scar – teaching both you and others the right way to live.

Let’s keep talking, dear girls.


Anngladys Gichuhi,

Founder – Amazing Girl Mentorship Network. 

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