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Movies vs. Goals

By February 5, 2019Uncategorized

Wow. 2019 is here with us already…well, it’s been here for about a month. How has that month been for you? What have you been able to accomplish so far?

Sometimes I’ve gotten so tired – even mentally, that I’ve settled down to watch a good movie. Well, several. The other day I was looking back, counting how many movies I’d watched, and how many hours I’d taken to do that. Then I compared that with the hours/time that I’d spent working on my 2019 goals.

Earlier in the year, I’d seen a post from a fitness trainer who’d said that people had already started giving excuses for not exercising this year.

So I asked myself, how come it’s always possible to find time to watch a movie, but not to work on some other items? Or there’s time to text certain people, make phone calls to others, visit some and simply keep postponing or totally avoiding others?

It really has nothing to do with the constraints of time. Or a busy schedule. It’s really all about priorities and passion. What’s important to you will get prioritized and done. For what you are passionate about, you will find the time and means to get it done. So there really is no acceptable excuse there.

If some of the time spent on leisurely or unproductive things was spent on something more useful that generates desirable results, life would be different.

Let me finish this off with a response that I got from a friend the other day after describing how I hope for a profitable 2019: 2019 will be the way you make it.

P/S: Watching movies is actually in my plans – and since I love movies and series so much, I actually look for ones that are in line with my goals or things that I’d like to learn, and therefore develop and enjoy myself simultaneously.