Pondering the Reflections of Life and the Reflections of Love

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ponderingPondering the Reflections of Life and the Reflections of Love
By Patricia Louise

This book is full of beautiful, insightful reflections about life, written by Patricia Louise, from her experiences. It is a book to read again and again, picking just small parts at a time and meditating on the deeper meanings of what is written.

The book is written in a simple manner and is a relatively easy read, though one may need to pause often to think about what is being said.

Patricia offers advice within the book, such as this, “My life has taken on many season. Each phase of life has a season. It is necessary to process and live through each part of every season.”
She is able to put into words many thoughts that people have but find hard to express, words of joy and words of sadness as well, such as in the poem below.
You have ignored me for your own reason.
You have passed me by and my heart felt treason.

Whatever the reason, let it be only known by you.
As fasr as trason, my hope is that it is not true.

My hope lingers on.
My faith is not gone.

By this act, I feel not discouraged.
By this act, I will not allow myself to be outraged.

But in my mind, I build confidence.
Your act of haste will not put me in defense.

This is certainly a good read, especially for women.