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Mentorship Training for 7-12 Year Old Girls

Register your 7-12-year-old girl for a mentorship training happening soon.

Date: Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Venue: PAC University, Lumumba Drive, Roysambu, off Thika Super Highway.

Cost: Ksh. 1,000 payable to Till Number 698711

Refreshments will be served.

Register Now.


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Book Your Coaching Session

Do you feel that although your life is good, something is amiss? Like you would like to operate in harmony with yourself, not out of sync with who you really are?

Book your complimentary coaching session and begin your journey to living a life of assurance about your identity, worth and purpose.

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Girl Stuff

The Curse? Of The Multi-talented – Reflections on my Birthday
Many times I have come across profiles of big CEOs who run several companies, sit on several boards, take charge of charities, write several books...
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What’s So Golden About Silence? Everything.
You can't fault silence, and neither can you regret it. You experience no guilt about something that you did not say. You do not mess...
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No ID No Transaction
It was raining heavily this evening, and I needed to dash out to get something from the shop. I knew I wanted to make an...
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Life Issues

Mentoring Through Parties
My first cutex party to throw was more than 10 years ago. I have since thrown all sorts of fun parties for preteens. We’ve had...
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You Are Accepted
One of the most special blessings I have experienced this year is Women's View. When they invited me for interviews to talk about dealing with...
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Surviving the Loss of 4 Children
Meet Jane, a mother of 8, but only 4 are alive.   Jane, from Luanda, Kenya, who was born 41 years ago. She lost her...
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Solution to Painful Baby Nursing
“Ouch!”   That’s something that many first time mums can be heard saying, over and over again. This happens because the new, cuddly, little bundle...
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About Amazing Girl Mentorship Network
Introduction to Amazing Girl Mentorship Network Amazing Girl Mentorship Services seeks to Train, Mentor and Coach the youth, and especially the girls and young ladies,...
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You Are Enough
Book Review: I Am: A 60 Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is You know how as you grow up you...
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What’s your pulpit? What’s your stage?

Many times we feel called to do something, and we have grandiose ideas about it. We imagine what impact we’d make on an internationally broadcast program singing, preaching, teaching, acting, etc.

We imagine how many lives we’d touch, and how awesome that would be.

But I want you to think that about yourself, as an individual. When you are at a low point and need encouragement and uplifting, where are you? Sometimes you’re at home, crying. Sometimes you’re at work, in the restroom, frustrated, controlling your emotions. Sometimes, some people are at some place where they are toying with the idea of ‘rest’.

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What’s worse? Be Sensitive to Grieving Mums

When we go to the hospital, we find many patients with all sorts of diseases. Some have broken legs, hands, sick eyes, cases of flu, coughs, name it. As we wait in line to be attended to, we all hope that we can get well as soon as possible. We imagine how much better our lives would be if our ailment was done away with, or dealt with, somehow.

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12 Months as a MomPreneur: Mistakes, Lessons & Successes

It’s now going to about 1 complete year since I got into the world of business and settled there full-time, especially as a mum. A lot has gone on in the past 12 months, and there have been priceless lessons learnt.

Lessons Learnt

  1. Always do your best as a supplier and also as a client, regardless of whether or not the job pays ‘big’ money or just a little money. Do your best also even when giving a quotation or corresponding with clients and suppliers. Sometimes, deals go through not because of the mechanics of the work, but because of the experience of the parties involved.
  2. Always be honest about your abilities and limitations. Clients are happier to know about an expected delay from you than have a perfect picture and an awful presentation. Let them know from the beginning whether or not you can do what they need. They appreciate that more than the illusion of perfection. It also makes you work in a more relaxed environment within your means and capabilities.
  3. Focus on 1, 2 or 3 major things, and strive to do your best in those. Later on, as the businesses grow into empires, you can venture into various departments and perhaps even have franchises. For now, be known for a few things that you do excellently. That will sharpen your focus and give you a clear brand positioning.
  4. Leverage on technology, both old and new. Make use of the digital resources available to you, but also limit yourself to a few platforms that you can be effective on. Don’t spread yourself too thin on all platforms.
  5. Focus on relationships not sales. Yes, sales are important, but relationships produce repeated sales, versus the sales resulting from pressuring potential clients to get some goods or services from you. They might take just the cheapest product to end that conversation. Build trust and rapport instead, and as they get to know you, they get to trust you and also entrust you with bigger assignments not to mention referring you to others.
  6. Be yourself. This is very important! Clients want to deal with real, authentic people, not people with an artificial air of importance or whatever other fake things. Be human, be real. It always trumps over put-up airs.
  7. Let go of non-performing clients, suppliers, and retailers. It’s better to count your losses early on instead of wasting more time on ‘good deals’ (cheap products, services, etc). It’s better to pay a higher cost to performers and when serving clients who’ll actually pay, than to go for the lowest deals only to be delayed to frustrating extremes.
  8. Have clear goals and expectations, and strive to achieve them. Register accountability with someone so that you can be tough on yourself and get to do what you ought to do. The illusion of freedom is very deceiving. You don’t have all the time in the world, and although you’re the CEO, you also don’t have all the talents in the world. Therefore, you need to plan your time well and focus on what works, and what you can afford to do excellently. Also, invest time in learning and growing your skills and resource base. You need it!

Actual Mistakes Made & Actions Taken; and oh well, Successes Too 🙂
In line with the above 8 lessons, here goes.

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Losing Jason

There is no chapter of this book that I have written without tears streaming down my face. Writing it has been a difficult journey. That difficulty has made it even more clear that I ought to write it…for the grieving mum. So that she won’t have to mourn alone, cry alone, worry alone or be alone. As I let you in on my journey after loss, I pray that God will heal your hurt, give you comfort and peace and give you the grace and strength to make it through life one more day.

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