Are you tired? Stay in your lane.

Let me tell you what exhausts us. It’s not what we do and then we get so physically tired. That can make us fatigued alright, but not as much as what I’m about to tell you.

What exhausts us is the thought of what we are yet to do. Imagine when you have a project at work or a term paper at school. You could stay up until 2 am and do all you can, but because you know the magnitude of what is yet to be done, you feel even worse. From the tiredness that you have from working, but even more, from what you know you are yet to do.

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God is with You, yes He is.

When we go to the salon for a blow-dry, we often complain about pain or heat as the hairdresser works on our hair. Often, it is easy to think that there is malice in the process, especially if the hairdresser is a lady (yes, remember those stories told about lady hairdressers being jealous of our long locks, etc etc; anyway, that’s beside the point here). We’re generally usually not too happy during those moments.

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Riding the Wave of Emotions following a Loss

Recently, a certain lady who’d lost her child wrote to me asking me some tough questions about losing a child and how she could navigate the initial wave of emotions. As we spoke, I felt that this article would be of help to many other similar mums. So here’s one of our conversations…my response to her questions. She allowed me to share it with you, so I hope that it will touch your heart and if you’re not facing a loss, that you’ll pass it on to someone who needs it.

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It’s okay to take a break :)

Take a break

Take a break


So, yesterday I was making chapatis with my daughter. She found me making them, and helped in the rolling and spreading as I fried them. At some point she sat down, saying how good it was to rest.

I told her to rest, that she needed a break. I knew she needed it.

And then it hit me. We are Christ’s workmanship, created to do good works (Eph.2:10). We work with Christ. The main job is His, and He’s allowed us the privilege of being a part of it. We can afford to take a break as He carries on with the work. Because yes, I was going to finish making all the chapatis, whether or not she helped the whole way.

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Present over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living

Present over Perfect

Present over Perfect: Living Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living

By Shauna Niequist

“What kills a soul? Exhaustion, secret keeping, image management.

And what brings a soul back from the dead? Honesty, connection, grace.”


This is just but one of the many wonderful phrases in this book. The author talks about the things that drag people down and back, leading to a busy, frenzied life with lots of motion and activity on the outside, but a grueling emptiness on the inside.

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Happy International Women’s Day: You Do Make A Difference!

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!


Today is the International Women’s Day, awesome! Around the world, women get to be celebrated for who they are and what they do.


Or do they? Do women really get celebrated? Does the woman who gets up early to take care of the family and household duties get anyone to tell her that she has done a good job? Does the woman who sleeps late at night and wake up numerous times to attend to the young ones get any accolades? Does the woman who keeps house all day long, day in and day out get any pat on the back? Does the woman in the village without internet access get to know it is a special day for her? How about the illiterate mother, who perhaps has many children whom she has worked hard to educate up to a certain level, based on her ability?

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2 Years On: A New Year, A New Phase

Beauty for Ashes

A New Year, A New Phase

My friend Becky posted on Facebook the other day that a new year isn’t necessarily happy. And so as I write this, I have in mind those who may not necessarily be having a happy experience as the new year begins. Because, truth be told, blues can and do set in, even at the beginning of the year. But is there hope? Is this necessarily bad? Can anything good come out of it?

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Leaving Well

It is quite easy to deflate a tire, all you need is to move a small pin to the side, and the air gets out quite fast. It however takes a very long time to inflate the same tire back to its original position.


And so it is with relationships. It is very easy to break a relationship. A relationship that has existed for years can be broken within minutes. It takes very little to break the trust that has existed for a long period of time. A little can change a whole lot of things.

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Becoming an Amazing Girl: The Book is Out!! :-)



Book Profile

The book, Becoming an Amazing Girl, written by 32 year old wife and mother Anngladys Gichuhi, covers among others, issues pertaining to self esteem and self worth among girls. The author candidly shares her experiences of lacking a father figure in her life, and her search for one. She movingly shares the challenges and insights from her journey in this moving book. The eye opening book is forwarded by Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi, ACMI Founder and International Director.

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