Welcome to our site, Amazing Girl Mentorship Services, which came about as a result of a book written by Anngladys Gichuhi, Becoming An Amazing Girl. We are all in the process of becoming. We are continually becoming one thing or the other, good or bad. We are moment by moment being shaped into the person that we are going to be in the future.

Through our attitudes and actions, preferences and prejudices, we are continually setting ourselves apart from certain things, and drawing towards and clinging to others. We are growing in the image of what we are drawn to, every moment. And eventually, even what we are only secretly drawn to, the world will come to openly see it as it will be eventually manifested in our lives.


This is a candid presentation of my daily life, and the insights I draw from the activities of my life. It is like sharing my journal, with the ups and downs, my rights and wrongs, believing, hoping and praying that you will be both inspired and blessed.

Here at amazing-girl.org, we are in the process of becoming Amazing Girls. We realize that this is not a spontaneous occurrence, but a long, adventurous and beautiful process, undeniably full of its own unique ups and downs.


Here in this website, we discuss issues that pertain to girls and especially young girls. We share our lives and feelings, our lessons and insights, and our views on certain issues that girls deal with – self-esteem, confidence, and assurance among many others.

You are welcome to share your contributions and post your questions too, and contact us via e-mail as well.

We certainly hope that you will enjoy an inspiring time as you tour our site. May God bless you as you read on!


@Amazing Girl.



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  1. Self-esteem
  2. Confidence
  3. Importance of a father figure in a girl’s life
  4. Modesty
  5. Relationships
  6. Career choices
  7. Relating with God
  8. Relating to parents
  9. Relating to teachers
  10. Relating to authority
  11. Finding your place where you are
  12. Finding your place in the world
  13. Purpose
  14. And so many many many more.

if you have a topic you want to have discussed, please email it to me at anngladys@amazing-girl.org

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Looking forward to hearing from you, and Cheers!