What’s in Your Handbag?

Yeah, what’s in your handbag, like right now?


Recently, I’ve been evaluating my handbags, and the things I carry. There are some things I must have: phone, handkerchief (or tissues), lipbalm and money. I like to have a pen and paper too, but sometimes I’ll let that slide and use the phone’s notebook. But my lipbalm I must have, and if I forget it, I’ll have to buy some. I simply cannot survive without it! J

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You’re a Ninja-Woman

That’s the latest compliment I’ve received, and it made me smile. See, I’m now a wife, mother, employee and student…generally speaking. I’m taking my Masters in Library and Information Science at my alma mater, Kenyatta University; as I work at FOCUS Kenya as the Public Relations, Partnerships and Communications Officer – which comes with an added role: Campus Ministry Facilitator. So that means I’m a minister too. Yeah.

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A glimpse into the book Becoming an Amazing Girl

I believe today many are misled as concerning what makes a girl or a lady charming. Undeniably, the media has great influence in our society’s morality and it has played a big role in positioning our view of girls, ladies and women in general. Through music, art and the so-called Reality Shows, the media dictates how we should regard the female gender. Today’s society largely evaluates the girl by her outward appearance. I strongly believe that outward beauty and charm in the female gender has been overrated.
Society today celebrates trends and manners that are not acceptable for Christian girls. It teaches girls to expose themselves sensually in order to be appreciated. It teaches them to be flirtatious instead of respectful and polite. Without saying a word, it teaches that to be modest is to be old-fashioned and outmoded. Through the media we are subtly taught to accept or reject members of the female gender on the basis of mere looks.
This one thing is true: A girl’s true beauty is seen when the light of her Creator refracts through the prism of her soul. True beauty and charm emanate from the heart. The word of God reveals the true source of appeal when it says, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.
Becoming an Amazing Girl is not just about dressing well and observing proper etiquette, it is about realizing the underlying beauty and potential that God has put in every girl’s heart. It is about appreciating the inner qualities that are mostly suppressed by a worldview that would rather appreciate superficial, outward beauty. It is about repositioning our own view and appreciation of the female gender and aligning the same with the values that are promoted by the Bible and which should be characteristic of a Christian lifestyle.
I have written this book to remind every girl or lady who reads it that they do not have to be defined by the standards of a morally decaying society. There will always be someone who looks better or dresses better, but never will the intricacy of your unique soul be duplicated. It is okay to be yourself…no one can beat you at being you!
I hope this book show you how to discover yourself, celebrate yourself, and more than anything…celebrate the Maker who make you and gave you all the goodies you have in you!
To all the men, this book will make a great treat to your wife, your daughter, our sister, your niece, your fiancée, and all the lady friends in your life.
Get your copy and God bless you as you enjoy your reading!

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