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No ID No Transaction

It was raining heavily this evening,I needed to dash out to get something from the shop. I knew I wanted to make an Mpesa withdrawal, but I figured that I didn’t really have to have my ID, because, well, I have withdrawn from that particular shop many times.   When I got there,…
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July 12, 2017 0

Tell Me No

Gel Nail Polish. The new thing in town, way better than regular nail polish. There’s a way it setsserves the wearer for a good, long time without chipping or fading. The first time I got this done on me, the nail expert said that it was better to start it off a little…
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June 4, 2017 0

Turn Off the Tap

Have you been in the process of washing dishes,you begin to rinse, so you turn the tap on, rinse a few dishes, turn it off,then continue washing soap before needing to rinse again? Somehow, that process gets a bit mixed up,sometimes, even when washing, we leave the tap…
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May 22, 2017 1

Are you tired? Stay in your lane.

Let me tell you what exhausts us. It’s not what we dothen we get so physically tired. That can make us fatigued alright, but not as much as what I’m about to tell you. What exhausts us is the thought of what we are yet to do. Imagine when you have a project…
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May 13, 2017 2