God is with You, yes He is.

When we go to the salon for a blow-dry, we often complain about pain or heat as the hairdresser works on our hair. Often, it is easy to think that there is malice in the process, especially if the hairdresser is a lady (yes, remember those stories told about lady hairdressers being jealous of our long locks, etc etc; anyway, that’s beside the point here). We’re generally usually not too happy during those moments.

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Quotes for this week (1)

Hey girls,
Here’s a collection of quotes to stir you on this week. I especially like the first and the last ones.

God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame.
Elizabeth Barret Browning.

The only thing that’s built from the top is a pit.
DJ Moz (Crossover 101, NTV)

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
Mark Twain

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Z….how to shine in your z-factor

How to shine in your z-factor

Rest in God’s love, be confident in your uniqueness pursue our goals and be the best you. Everyone else is already taken. You can at best be your own original person, if you try to be anything or anyone else, the best you can be is only a photocopy of them. Be zealous about your life, do your best and stop at the appropriate time, or you’ll make a fool out of yourself!

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How to be excellent

Hold yourself to a standard higher than everyone else holds you to. Remember to do things to your most honest best. Research and know what’s expected of you, what the best standards are. And know how to attain them in your field. Stick to the end. Remember that it’s that one more touch that makes the difference between the ordinary and the outstanding.

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How to be truthful

When you are truthful, you don’t have to remember what you said. That gives you a lot of peace. Think of the rewards and consequences of being truthful, and of being untruthful. Think about how it affects your conscience. Think about how you want to be remembered, and what kind of a name and reputation you want to create for yourself.

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