How to be wise

Fear the Lord.. the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, the bible says. Also, read a lot, and apply that knowledge appropriately. Learn from your mistakes, the mistakes of others, and the experiences that you go through. There is always something helpful to learn.

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How to be unique

Examine and evaluate yourself. Know you special strengths, talents and gifts. Build on them in the way that makes you happiest, and most fulfilled. But remember that there’s a price to pay for excellence, but that price is what makes the difference between common and unique.

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How to be truthful

When you are truthful, you don’t have to remember what you said. That gives you a lot of peace. Think of the rewards and consequences of being truthful, and of being untruthful. Think about how it affects your conscience. Think about how you want to be remembered, and what kind of a name and reputation you want to create for yourself.

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How to be stylish

Know your body type, and accept your size and the way God made you – fearfully and wonderfully. Dress to flatter your body, but not to sell yourself cheap. If people don’t love you for your heart, they won’t love you for your body either!

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How to be royal

Know that you are God’s precious daughter, and God is king…..so that makes you  PRINCESS!  Blossom in his love. Be bold and confident. Good grooming, healthy eating will help you a lot. And so will growing in your talents, as well as being nice and charitable to others. Treat yourself like a princess, with all the respect that you deserve. Others will treat you how you treat yourself. Good grooming, self respect and confidence will boost you as a royal person. Be nice to the less fortunate. That’s what the royals do.

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How to be queenly

Being a queen is no easy thing, we must agree. But it is possible, it is do-able. Just believe in yourself, and carry yourself around the way you know a queen would – with all due respect, both to yourself and to those around you.

Of necessity, you must understand that you are very precious, and have  very important responsibilites to carry out,  and you should therefore not accept any ill treatment. Other people should treat you with dignity, just the way you treat yourself….and the way you treat them, too.

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How to be punctual

Decide to be punctual, and then prepare for it. Prepare the night before by preparing both yourself and your things. Leave way before time. Purpose to be fifteen minutes early. Compare the benefits of being punctual and the benefits of being late, and choose the one you really prefer.

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How to be organised

Decide to be organized. Have a place for something, and use it. Put the things that you use on a reagular basis near you, and  the thers far away. The breakables should of course be put away from easy and dangeruous reach. Read about how to organize yourself better . Then go ahead and practise it!

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How to be neat

It all starts in your head. You know, if your head knows where to go, your feet just follow. Know the benefits of being neat – you stay in a more relaxed atmosphere, you are able to find things faster and so this increases your speed of doing things, to name but a few. Determine that you want to be neat, and allocate some time to tidy up things every so often. You wll enjoy the benefits!

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