Motives Behind Giving a Second Chance

Sometimes, when things go wrong, we are deeply and negatively affected. Sometimes there is little we can do about those things. Sometimes it’s possible to walk away. Many times it’s not, and so we find ourselves in a trap of sorts.


We make a fuss about the situation, try to do what we can, and then hope that things will improve. When it comes to things, that could work just fine. We learn new skills or learn how to control some machines better. It’s very possible.

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The Refreshing Sink – Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018

I post a lot of the meditations that come to me as I wash dishes. Some time back, a friend seemed to see that as a struggle. Well, it’s not. Washing dishes is my favorite household chore, and so as I do it, the whole of me is fully engaged, almost consumed by that wonderful experience :).

It’s also a time to be alone, to sing, to pray, to mull over my thoughts, concerns, plans, goals, ambitions, dreams…largely uninterrupted. Oh, try to have some quiet time as a mother, and you’ll know that’s when the family will keep wanting your attention! I digress.

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Hi, dear…


The other day, I was washing dishes after a nice ugali meal. The sufuria that had been used to make the ugali was in the sink, and thankfully, had water. The water had already softened the dried flour/mukuro 🙂 and so it was relatively easy to clean it up.


As I cleaned the sufuria, I thought about how helpful that water had been. The water had just been sitting in the sufuria for all that time, seemingly doing nothing, but actually working wonders, which would then make my work much easier.

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