Girls’ Letters

Since I wrote my book, I have been receiving quite a few responses. Some people, who edited the book while still in the process of being written, said that this would be a must-read for all ladies. Others encouraged me to write on!
Many have said that the book has encouraged them, taught them a few lessons, and they want to pass it on to others. Some have bought for their friends, daughters and relatives. A certain Doctor told me that he made notes as he read the book! That, coming from a doctor, was certainly a big thing.
Another lady, known to be very tough, said that the book was intense and precise. Coming from her, I was told, that was a great compliment. Still another lady said that the book got right to the point, and hit the nail right on the head.
A few challenges have been thrown at me to write one for the boys. Someone told me, “Go on ahead and write, you do have something to tell the boys too!” another asked me, “When you go to a boys’ school or meeting, what are you going to tell them, to give them????”
As for following that challenge, I can only say, let’s wait and see. Who knows??
But some of the most touching responses have come from young girls who have read the book, and who identify with it. One such young girl wrote me a letter about her life, and said I could share it with others. You can read her letter right here on our website.
If you do want to share your story with me, or even with others, you are welcome to do so. You can email me on You can also contact me to get information about
a) How you can get the book for yourself or for a group of people
b) How you can plan to have speaking sessions from us whether at school or church, wherever
c) How you can help other girls get the book
d) And any other query you may have.
May you be encouraged as you continue to tour this site, and as God continues to help you become the best you ever.

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My Encouragement Box


This is the lesson we just had today at our Real Time class with the teenage girls at our church, as the boys had theirs with a gentleman in a different room. Enjoy your read and be blessed.
This a box in which I put in all the good and positive things I say and believe about myself, and what God says about me. We all, as girls, have good days and bad days. During my good days, I have found it helpful to write down the things that help me feel great and boost my enthusiasm and my passion. The things that encourage me, the things that give me extra boldness and confidence.
Then when the bad days come, I have something to fall back on. I just put my hand in my encouragement box and pull out any one not, and it definitely gives me a boost. Because it is something I wrote myself, something I believe, something that is true, and something that is possible. Something that is founded on the Rock Jesus Christ, therefore can never be shaken or fail.
And it boosts my energy, my spirits, and my moods. And definitely gives me the oomph, the psyche to go on. I’m sure it can work for you too, so hey, go ahead and try it!
Here’s some of what’s in my encouragement box. By the way, I have some of them hang on a chart on my wardrobe, so I always see them when I go to my bedroom.
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me!
God has good plans for me.
God has a great future for me.
God has a wonderful purpose for me.
I will be secure every moment of my life. I will never lack anything I truly need. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
My father owns cattle on a thousand hills.
When God is for me, no one can be against me! When I’m with God, I’m on the winning team, I’m unbeatable, and can attempt any feat that my mind can conceive.
Is anything too hard for the Lord? No, nothing is impossible with God!!
God cares for every detail of my life. He puts the tears that I cry in a precious bottle. He has engraved me on the palm of His hand, I am important to Him!!!

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A glimpse into the book Becoming an Amazing Girl

I believe today many are misled as concerning what makes a girl or a lady charming. Undeniably, the media has great influence in our society’s morality and it has played a big role in positioning our view of girls, ladies and women in general. Through music, art and the so-called Reality Shows, the media dictates how we should regard the female gender. Today’s society largely evaluates the girl by her outward appearance. I strongly believe that outward beauty and charm in the female gender has been overrated.
Society today celebrates trends and manners that are not acceptable for Christian girls. It teaches girls to expose themselves sensually in order to be appreciated. It teaches them to be flirtatious instead of respectful and polite. Without saying a word, it teaches that to be modest is to be old-fashioned and outmoded. Through the media we are subtly taught to accept or reject members of the female gender on the basis of mere looks.
This one thing is true: A girl’s true beauty is seen when the light of her Creator refracts through the prism of her soul. True beauty and charm emanate from the heart. The word of God reveals the true source of appeal when it says, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.
Becoming an Amazing Girl is not just about dressing well and observing proper etiquette, it is about realizing the underlying beauty and potential that God has put in every girl’s heart. It is about appreciating the inner qualities that are mostly suppressed by a worldview that would rather appreciate superficial, outward beauty. It is about repositioning our own view and appreciation of the female gender and aligning the same with the values that are promoted by the Bible and which should be characteristic of a Christian lifestyle.
I have written this book to remind every girl or lady who reads it that they do not have to be defined by the standards of a morally decaying society. There will always be someone who looks better or dresses better, but never will the intricacy of your unique soul be duplicated. It is okay to be yourself…no one can beat you at being you!
I hope this book show you how to discover yourself, celebrate yourself, and more than anything…celebrate the Maker who make you and gave you all the goodies you have in you!
To all the men, this book will make a great treat to your wife, your daughter, our sister, your niece, your fiancée, and all the lady friends in your life.
Get your copy and God bless you as you enjoy your reading!

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Book Launch!!!

The book launch was a great success. We had a lovely time worshiping God.
Pastor Rupert Gichuhi, who was the master of ceremony, then called Nuru Ryanga, a very good friend of Anngladys, who sang a beautiful song. She actually wrote that song purposely for the book launch.
Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi gave a speech that encouraged those who were in attendance. He said that just like the Great Divide, this book is the beginning of many more books that Anngladys will write. And may its influence go to all the world.
When Anngladys’ mother spoke, it warmed the hearts of many, especially to hear that Anngladys is also her friend not just her daughter-a very rare and special happening in today’s times. She also humored the congregation when she told of Anngladys’ adventures when she was a young girl. She sang a song from the Psalms, and this too blessed the people.
Anngladys gave her speech on the book, Becoming An Amazing Girl. Her speech will be posted here soon.
Mrs. Susan Mbugua, Anngladys’ mentor, led in the cutting of the cake, and she encouraged young people to use their talents, and to follow the counsel of good mentors.
Pastor Peter Kanyuku gave the vote of thanks and the benediction, and blessed the people as they left.
It was indeed a beautiful day, and we all thank God for its success.

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Becoming an Amazing Girl Book


The two most common traits that pull girls down are low self esteem and lack of self appreciation. These two issues, along with others will be brought out in this book. Girls will be able to, after reading this book, discover their true self worth, the wealth of potential that they have, realize how amazing they are, and be able to exert themselves in the world knowing that they do have a lot to offer.

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