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Know yourself,be comfortable with yourself. Work hard at being the best of yourself ad in all you do. Then when it’s time to go otrelaz, enjoy yourself every bit, knowing t hat your responsibilities are well taken care of. To be a more fun person, be considerate about others,you…
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Be happy in God, by drinking from the well of His wordlove. Fill your mindlife with positive thingsyou’ll have an overflow of good things. Sometimes, just sitting there silently will be the best encouragement that you can give somebody.

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Count your blessings, count the positive things in your life. Remember the hurdles you have already overcome,know that this, too, shall pass. Hope for better things ahead, but also know that it could be worse!

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Know your goal,be passionate about getting it. Get counsel from wise, experienced people,get support as well. Get a team to go for your goal with,exercise all the confidence in the world.

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