I enjoy talking with young people, especially those younger than me. When I look at them, I think about what great potential and possibilities they have.

I think about what I would do differently if I was their age. And I want to share this with them. What I would do differently, what I wish I knew, what I wouldn’t do, what I would pursue or avoid, what character traits I would build and so on. Sometimes this is industry specific, but sometimes it’s about life in general.

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Are You a Victim?

Over the years, I have come to learn that I do not have to apologize to people for asking them to treat me and mine with respect. Because apologizing ratifies the negative behavior, and basically says that it’s okay. That beats the purpose.

I have come to realize that many times, I have been the victim, not necessarily because the other person was a practicing bully, but because I did not observe my own boundaries.

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Flush it away! Drops won’t work.

When we go to the bathroom, we flush the water closet after we’re done. That works. But suppose the same amount of water was added into the bowl one drop at a time. How well would that work? Would it work at all? Even if done over a long period of time? I doubt.

How about when a relationship with a friend has gone wrong? Will one word a day repair things? Isn’t a long, thorough conversation needed to break down the wall, clear the forest in between, see eye to eye and then start rebuilding?

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