Motives Behind Giving a Second Chance

Sometimes, when things go wrong, we are deeply and negatively affected. Sometimes there is little we can do about those things. Sometimes it’s possible to walk away. Many times it’s not, and so we find ourselves in a trap of sorts.


We make a fuss about the situation, try to do what we can, and then hope that things will improve. When it comes to things, that could work just fine. We learn new skills or learn how to control some machines better. It’s very possible.

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11 Tips for Visiting a Rainbow Mum

These tips may also apply to regular Mums, but I highlight some things that are especially important for Rainbow Mums.

1. Please say when you’d like to visit. Unless you are a BFF to the Mum, or a really close family member, don’t just show up. It may be a bad time for the family. If you do visit, keep it short and sweet. Just because the Mother and Baby are house-bound doesn’t mean that it’s a 24-7 visiting/entertainment zone. Think about the work with the baby, the sleepless nights, back and other aches, colic… Those few moments of silence and me-time feel like heaven-sent breaks, so a visit should be an improvement of that and not a drain. Be sensitive.

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Plus-Size Beauty

You know how, when people continuously put you down, you begin to feel small, smaller… Until eventually, you feel virtually insignificant, almost non-existent?

You feel that you can’t speak up because your voice is too soft and won’t anyway be heard, so you don’t even see the use in trying? You feel that you are so small, like you can be easily pushed over?

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