Mentoring Through Parties

My first cutex party to throw was more than 10 years ago. I have since thrown all sorts of fun parties for preteens. We’ve had make-up, fashion, art, talent, baking, drop-scones, movie and all sorts of parties. I bring the girls together, we have a fun time laughing, giggling, dancing and doing all things girly. As we do so, I teach them God’s word and encourage them about their identity, worth and purpose. We talk about self-esteem and confidence. We talk about being modest and God-pleasing in our dressing. We talk about puberty, adolescent changes, boys:) and have lots of Q&As from the girls.

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You Are Accepted

One of the most special blessings I have experienced this year is Women’s View. When they invited me for interviews to talk about dealing with the loss of my precious son Jason, I had no idea that a special, beautiful partnership would result between Women’s View and Amazing Girl Mentorship Network. And now here we are. Women’s View has given Amazing Girl Mentorship Network a segment on their online TV, and that’ll be a regular!

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Surviving the Loss of 4 Children

Meet Jane, a mother of 8, but only 4 are alive.


Jane, from Luanda, Kenya, who was born 41 years ago. She lost her dad to illness at the tender age of 13. After finishing her class 8 studies, she lived with her cousins for about 6 years before getting married.


When she got married, she experienced her first child loss after only 6 months of pregnancy. She gave birth to her son, who survived for just a few minutes before passing away. Shortly after that, she got pregnant again, and this time around made it to only 5 months. Again, she gave birth to a son, but this time he was already dead in her womb. The young mother proceeded to get pregnant again, managing to make it only up to 7 months. Her son was born at home, breathed for a few minutes, and then stopped. A doctor was called, and when he came, he sent Jane’s husband for baby food from a hospital in Emuhaya. While on his way, the dad received a phone call telling him that the child was dead. Devastating!

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