You Are Accepted

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You Are Accepted

August 8, 2018 Uncategorized 0

One of the most special blessings I have experienced this year is Women’s View. When they invited me for interviews to talk about dealing with the loss of my precious son Jason, I had no idea that a special, beautiful partnership would result between Women’s ViewAmazing Girl Mentorship Network. And now here we are. Women’s View has given Amazing Girl Mentorship Network a segment on their online TV,that’ll be a regular!

I am so grateful to Christine Matuindebted to God!!

So, here’s the first of many, many videos. This first series is looking at the A to Z of the Amazing Woman,today’s topic is, “Woman, you are accepted.”

Regardless of who we are, we all deal with issues of rejection from time to time; things that are unjust, unfair, hurtful,wrong! Therefore, it is essential that youI make a decision individually about how we’re going to react when something occurs that makes us feel inferior, unappreciated, unwanted, unloved or rejected.
Special Thanks to La Mada HotelAmazing Girl Mentorship Network.

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