The AweWonder in Relationships

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The AweWonder in Relationships

May 4, 2018 Blog Uncategorized 0

When we begin losing the awewonder of those we relate with, those relationships begin to take a dip, whether marital or platonic.

When the awewonder is still there, there is respectcare as the parties seek to know each otherexperience life together. The parties are careful about their interactions.

When that ebbs away, there is lessless initiative from especially the party that has lost the sense of awe, perhaps because that party has found something new to feast his/her attention on.

Maybe because of the fallen nature of mankind. Maybe because of the actions of the other party.

A question comes to mind, how can one retain the x-factor that created the wonder? I have found no better way than to delight oneself in the Lord. His word gives fresh life daily,one gets something to offer the world.

Without it, one can easily get stuck in a rut of boredom at the core of one’s heart,be perpetually draining those around them, whether by always being needy or clingy; or carrying a certain dark, gloomy energy, even though it can be hidden behind a flashy-looking exterior.

Without it, one can easily be derailed from the real deal, forget its valueeven begin to despise it.

So the key in both cases would be to hide oneself in God,as God continues to pour in His life, He continue to spread His awewonder through us. He draws us moremore to what is profitable,fartherfarther away from what is not. So, help us God.