We are usually told that persevering in the journey to our destination is a good thing.

But is it? Is it?

Is persevering the taunting and put downs of a ‘friend’ worth the destination of the image of friendship?

Is persevering abuse of any sort from a ‘spouse’ worth the destination of the image of marriage?

Is persevering through hefty loan repayments worth the destination of the image of wealth?

Because really, at the destination, what will be happening is reliving the experiences that one has had during the journey.

If a someone endures disrespect, manipulation and control just to be with the in-group, do you suppose he or she will have wonderful experiences to share with and laugh about together with the others?

If someone endures abuse and mistreatment, what memories will they enjoy sharing at the end of the day at the destination called marriage?

Because, the journey is just as important as the destination. Because at the destination, you will be reliving the journey.

So, is your destination worth your journey?
Is it? Is it?

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