Hi, dear…

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Hi, dear…

November 18, 2017 Blog Insights from Everyday Life 0


The other day, I was washing dishes after a nice ugali meal. The sufuria that had been used to make the ugali was in the sink,thankfully, had water. The water had already softened the dried flour/mukuro 🙂so it was relatively easy to clean it up.


As I cleaned the sufuria, I thought about how helpful that water had been. The water had just been sitting in the sufuria for all that time, seemingly doing nothing, but actually working wonders, which would then make my work much easier.


I thought about the marriage relationship…how, well, you know, some things need a bit of preparation. And I could see very clearly how hard it would be to get some things done if there had been no prior preparation. It would be like trying to wash that ugali sufuria without having first filled it with water, which would then make the washing process easier.


The water may not seem to be doing much, it seems pretty idle actually. But then I thought about friendships. Or relationships in general. And how we don’t keep in touch with each other,then when a crisis strikes, we call upon our friends. They may comehelp, but it will be a much harder experience than if we had kept in touch.


Or how we don’t keep in touch with our colleagues from high school or college,then all of a sudden start sending messages of ‘Hi, dear, ….” inviting them to join our wedding committee. It doesn’t matter how many ‘dears’ you put in that message, it’s simply just like pouring a lot of water to a very dry ugali sufuria. It’s gonn’ be hard, my fren.


Or how we don’t keep in touch with our parentsthen expect their helpsupport when we hit a hard spot. They’ll help, of course, they’re our parents, but what’s the condition of their heart as they do so? Aren’t they hurt, sadlonely?


Or yes, even our children. We see them as beings to order aroundensure that our lines have been towed… until we need their help, support or collaboration in something,we can’t help but notice the look of pain in their eyes when we momentarily treat them with kindness as we seek their help.


Although I washed that sufuriahave since used it a few more times, its image is firmly imprinted in my mind,on my heart. That good, old ugali sufuria.