I washed a whole lot of dishes today. As I worked away at the sink, I didn’t sing the way I usually do. I was lost in thought and meditation. As I was coming to the end of my cleaning, I looked to my right and saw so many clean dishes. To my left, I saw an empty platform. In the middle, the sink was clean and shiny; and empty.
The kitchen seemed so quiet and serene, so empty after the pile that had been there. And it looked like I hadn’t done anything at all. A sad feeling washed over me, realizing that all my efforts were somewhat invisible, no one would be able to tell the mountain I’d dealt with.
But then it occurred to me that whether or not it was visible to others, the truth was that I had done a lot of work. I had washed a lot of dishes within that medium-sized sink. With water flowing from that small tap…that small tap….
The small tap that watered all my efforts and resulted in a super-clean kitchen. The small tap that couldn’t glance around and see all the sides that held the fruit of its labor. The small, fixed tap that could not see the cutlery and crockery under the shelves or on the high top shelves. The small tap whose water had cleaned so many…
And I realized that we’re just like that small tap. Sometimes we do so much, so much goes through our hands, but because we’re not able to go everywhere to see the effect of what we’ve done, it’s easy to think that we’ve not done much. Or that what we’ve done doesn’t really matter, to anyone. Because not everyone or everything turns their back to express gratitude, it’s easy to think that our lives do not amount to much.
But they do. Because just like that small tap, we have facilitated the washing of so many dishes, the touching of so many lives, just by faithfully watering where we are. We may never now the extent of the impact of our actions, but they are there. All we need to do, as small taps, is to be faithful in our assignments, knowing that our faithfulness makes the bearing of fruit much easier – than when water has to be fetched and containers used. Our faithfulness in whatever gifts God has given us makes life easier for all around us, and gives us more fulfillment, than when we are proud and demanding attention etc. God resists the proud, and He can raise others to do His work even in our wake. I’m sure the small tap would feel bad if basins were used in its stead, and it saw the Master’s pleasure…pleasure that should have belonged to the small tap, going to the basin. (1 Pet. 4:10, 1 Sam.15)
Let’s be faithful where we have been planted, and we will bear fruit in season, as God desires. (Ps.1)