Tell Me No

Gel Nail Polish. The new thing in town, way better than regular nail polish. There’s a way it sets and serves the wearer for a good, long time without chipping or fading. The first time I got this done on me, the nail expert said that it was better to start it off a little distance from the base. In my view, that made it look like my nails had stayed with the polish for a while. 🙁
Upon another application some time later, I asked the expert, this time a different person to start it off as close as possible to the base. The expert complied and I left the place looking just the way I wanted to. Nice, awesome, I thought.
Until about a week later, and the thing that my first expert had warned me about started happening. The gel would lift from near the cuticles and look a bit unpresentable. I hadn’t had that experience with my first nail expert, so I was definitely disappointed. I wasn’t happy that the other nail expert had complied with my request.
I think that the person was trying to impress me, maybe because of a preconceived idea that I was a ‘big’ person, or maybe because of the desire for a return client. For whatever reason, maybe the nail expert felt obligated to do my nails my way.
In retrospect, I didn’t appreciate that very much. I rather appreciated the first nail expert who was firm on the standards, in spite of my questions, suggestions and well, who she thought I was.
I think that occasionally, we all need someone to tell us no, to stop us in our tracks and cause us to rethink our actions and motives. Someone strong and courageous enough to put up with our displeasure for our greater good, and especially as leaders in any position. People are generally afraid to speak the truth for fear of displeasing the hearer and falling out of favor.
May we find faithful friends who can do that, for the wounds of a friend are better than the flattering kisses of an enemy.
In what areas do you need someone to tell you no?