Happy International Women’s Day: You Do Make A Difference!

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Happy International Women’s Day: You Do Make A Difference!

March 8, 2017 Uncategorized 0


Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is the International Women’s Day, awesome! Around the world, women get to be celebrated for who they arewhat they do.


Or do they? Do women really get celebrated? Does the woman who gets up early to take care of the familyhousehold duties get anyone to tell her that she has done a good job? Does the woman who sleeps late at nightwake up numerous times to attend to the young ones get any accolades? Does the woman who keeps house all day long, day inday out get any pat on the back? Does the woman in the village without internet access get to know it is a special day for her? How about the illiterate mother, who perhaps has many children whom she has worked hard to educate up to a certain level, based on her ability?


And yes, how about the women we leave at home, minding our young onesour households as we go to conquer the world? How about those? Do we celebrate them?


This article is dedicated to the woman behind the scenes, the woman who keeps the wheels turning, the woman who holds it all together so that we can all go outconquer the world, leave our mark, leave a legacy. This article is dedicated to the woman who shelves her dreams for the sake of her loved ones. Sometimes she shelves her dreams willingly, sometimes she has no choice. It has to be that way.


This goes out to the woman who must clean up after her family members, who must remember doctors’ appointmentsschool dates,remind everyone elsetry to juggle so many things for others – even as she juggles her own dreams, health, restdesires.


To the woman who carries 9-month long pregnancies,sometimes shorter than that –continues to watch her baby in the incubator. To the woman who loses her child,must keep trying againagain, hoping against hope, that this time it is going to be well. That her child will live. That it will not be another miscarriage or infant death. To the woman who keeps trying to get a child but none is forthcoming,she must endure societal pressurestalks.


To the woman who we mostly forget, perhaps take for granted, even as she breaks her back for the world around her. To the woman who tries to juggle a careera family. To the woman who is left to take care of a child born out of wedlock as the man pursues his educationhis dreams. To the woman whose heart is brokenthe man she thought was hers moves on.


To the woman who is abused physically, sexually, verbally, emotionallyyes, even spiritually. To the woman whose needs are not validated, whose painsdesires are dismissed as petty or lunatic. To the woman who cares for her friendsprays for them,is still treated as an outcast. To the woman who has been left by her friends, for whatever reason. It still hurts.


To the woman who is neglected, hardly thought ofif thought of, in a lowly manner. To the mother whose children have forsaken her. To the wife whose husband cheats on her. To the sister whose brother is given preferential treatment for education. To the womangirl who have to hide during their menses because they do not have the sanitary facilities to allow them to carry on with life as usual.


Yes, this article is dedicated to that woman. Sometimes she does not feel beautiful at all. She does not feel noticed. She does not feel as though her presence matters yet she knows that she does so much to hold the world together,to make a daily difference.

Yes you do!

Yes you do!

So yes, this is to you, the woman who makes a difference. The woman who offers her shoulder for other to lean on, as a mother, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, bridesmaid, best lady, matron of honor, wife, pastor’s wife, ladies’ minister, business mogul, stay at home mum, neighbor.


God knew you before you were born. He made you fearfullywonderfully. He knows everything you doeverywhere you go. He sees, He knows, He cares. It matters to Him; it does not go unnoticed. And yes, you DO make a difference, a valid difference. And your labor in the Lord is not in vain. Keep at it,in due time, you reward will be great. Some of it might be right here on earth, but the eternally lasting one will be available for you in heaven. God sees your pain, your prayers, your tears,your labor. And it matters to Him, yes it does!!! God loves youHe cares about you, deeeeeeeply. (Psalm 139, I Cor. 15:58).


To that special, special woman, Happy Women’s Day!