Helpful Books on Grieving the Loss of a Child

I will carry youI Will Carry You

When I lost Jason, a friend of a friend visited together with my friend, and gave me a lovely book to read. She said it would be difficult to read, but that it would help me in my journey of grief. True to her words, the book was a difficult read. The author had written so candidly and I could identify with her quite a lot. She’d carried a baby that she knew she would lose, and that was a tough journey. Although not exactly like mine, the rage of emotions were similar, and I could identify with her. It’s definitely a book that I would recommend for grieving mums.



Surviving the Loss of a Loved OneSurviving the Loss of a Loved One

A few months later, another friend, this time a neighbor, gave me this book to read. I’d seen it before when I’d lost my dad in 1999, and I feared going back to reading it. I kept it away for a few months before braving myself to read it, just one page at a time. And again, it was a resourceful book and it helped me work through some of the things I was feeling. It would be a good book to refer to in times of questions or reflections.




God Mourning

God Mourning

Good Mourning

This one was certainly just the one, I would say. Again, another kind friend bought it for me. It has a compilation of experiences from many women, for child loss of different kinds. It feels like there’s a community of women out there going through what we go through, and we’re not all alone. The women also share about their stories of grief, and how the grieved even many years after their children were gone. This can be very comforting for people especially in the Christian circles, who are ‘encouraged’ to ‘heal’ quickly and ‘move on’ because they have faith in God. Feeling the pain of losing your child, even years later, is normal and certainly not un-Christian. I would encourage every grieving mother to read this – whether it was a miscarriage, stillbirth or even infant loss.


heart made wholeHeart Made Whole

Then there’s this one. I like this one because she uses her difficult experience of loss to delve into other aspects of her life and seek healing from God. It is certainly a good read especially because of the reflective sessions at the end of every chapter.


If you know of any other books, kindly share them with us so that we can all be helped. And if I come across some more, I’ll be sure to share them, too.

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