The Longing in MeIn this book, Sheila shares candidly about her life, her choices, her heartbreaks and the breakthroughs that God has brought her way. She draws lessons from these experiences, some of which are very painful indeed.

She addresses the longings in every woman’s heart, the longing to be chosen, the longing to be protected, the longing for what used to be, the longing for control, the longing for your rights, the longing for that one thing you think you need to be happy, the longing to make everything right, the longing for what would glorify god, the longing to share the grace and mercy we’ve received from God and the longing for God alone.

Sheila walks the reader through each of these longings, shows how she experienced them in her life, and how God can heal every woman’s heart.

The book is written in an easy to read manner, and because of the candidness and intensity with which Sheila writes, one cannot help but pause after each chapter to reflect on what has been written and what one can do about one’s own life.