Yeah, what’s in your handbag, like right now?


Recently, I’ve been evaluating my handbags, and the things I carry. There are some things I must have: phone, handkerchief (or tissues), lipbalm and money. I like to have a pen and paper too, but sometimes I’ll let that slide and use the phone’s notebook. But my lipbalm I must have, and if I forget it, I’ll have to buy some. I simply cannot survive without it! J

That’s part 1. Then there’s part 2: Make up (the whole works), hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissues, perfume (spray, something for dabbing – depending on the bag) and this time round a pen and paper, almost mandatory. And a near-full stationery set – different colors of pens, a pencil, eraser, sharpener, the works! Then an umbrella, a paperbag or 2, and ofcourse some “lady items”, you never know.


Part 3: It is important to have a physical book, even if it’s a small one, to read along the way, or when waiting on a queue. And the Bible – honestly, sometimes I leave this one because it’s on my phone. I do entertain e-books too, depending on what else I need to carry, though physical books feel safer. Then a shawl, and wallet/small purse. How did I forget that? What’s in your purse? Besides money and a few cards, like business cards, etc, I have a nail-file,  cuticle remover, safety pin, nailcutter I even used to carry needle, thread and scissors – I don’t any moreJ.


So, sometimes when I’m going out, my bag is so heavy, I wonder if I need everything in it. Then I try and check, and I can’t remove anything. So I go, and when I get back home, I discover I haven’t used a lot of what I’d carried, even though I felt safe having it. Are there things we hold on to emotionally that don’t really benefit us? Passing thought. Did I mention nail polish remover and nail polish? Yes, comes in handy sometimes….and believe it or not, I’ve actually helped a girl or two in a matatu, made their nails and they’ve gone away happy, with some boosted self-esteem and confidence; after a frazzled morning. So yes, I carry that too. And a comb when my hair’s out. And charger, earphones…


What do you carry in your handbag? Is it all necessary? Let’s keep talking….


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  1. Nice piece.. i sometimes carry even a pair of shoes just in case… i would also agree that sometimes we tend to carry and hold things emotionally because we feel that the feeling will help us somehow in rough situations in life…… God Bless you

    Zippy Wagio

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