8 Months On – Friends in Sorrow & Laughter

This was a highlight for me, in a very special way. I have a new schedule that has me very busy during the weekends, mostly with student ministry related work. So our place of work graciously gives us Mondays off. Now, that’s a good thing, because we can get to rest….but on the flip side, it means that we can’t get together with others who are free during the weekends. That might mean missing out on a few social events.


My birthday is in September, and around my birthday was a very busy work season. I didn’t have a single weekend to myself, I mean, it was as busy as could be.


But I thank God for my bunch of girlfriends, they must be the very best indeed. They organized to take an off from work on a Monday, and organized that we would all get together. Who takes offdays to match a friend’s offday? I’m yet to wake up from that dream! I can’t put down everything that went down on that day, I can only summarize it to say that they threw me the best birthday party ever!!!


They spent their day with me, their time, their resources…just to make my birthday special. This is the same group of friends who got together to help me regroup in April… who bought a celebration cake when I seemed to get up on my feet again…these are wonderful friends.


So on my Monday-Birthday, they made sure that the day went well, and we all had a great time. Great here used to mean ‘meaningful in every way’. We talked, we laughed. We had sad times. I mourned. I was deep down in sorrow at some point, and they were there with me. And they made sure that those moments were turned around and that there was comfort and laughter.


I love my girlfriends, I love them so!! I have no words to explain the gift that they are in my life, or how unforgettable that day will be. I thank God for them and I pray that our friendship remains for all time. God bless you, Cookie, Porsha & Evey!

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2 thoughts on “8 Months On – Friends in Sorrow & Laughter

  1. Eva Ishengoma says:

    Awwww!that was super duper special. We love you gal and we would do it over and over without blinking! You are wonderful gals.forever love!

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