This was a wonderful read for me. Shelene talks about how a seemingly ordinary moment and question changed her life. She talks about how big a difference a little money was able to make in the life of a poor child in Africa. She tells about how her life was changed by the experiences that she had in areas outside of her comfort zone.
Shelene shows us how love changes our life. When we love, we want to give. We cannot love without giving. Sometimes we need to forego something (skip it) in order to have the resources to avail something for someone in need. Sometimes we need to jump and take a big risk, do something we’ve never done before, or something out of our comfort zone, in order to be and provide a miracle for someone else.
Sometimes, we need to say yes to a call that’s truly out of line with our preferences, regardless of how hard it is, trusting that God will be with us and that He will make all things well. And as we do that, we enjoy His joy and provision.
I am applying what I learnt from this book this past weekend, as my life is going through a  transition of sorts. God bless Shelene for writing this wonderful book!