Amazing Girl Bread Party & 1 Pet.5:10

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Amazing Girl Bread Party & 1 Pet.5:10

December 17, 2012 Girl Issues 0

Yesterday was a wonderful day for us Amazing Girls. We had a lovely party at my house, all 9 of us. Rachel (our pastor), Joy, Ivy, Gloria, Faith, Grace, Eva, Sylviamyself. We had a bread partycooked bread in different ways – we made toast,two types of sandwiches. This we did as we caught up – it’d been a while since we’d all met,what with the national exams!

We were all glad to be together, happy to realize that we were all doing well,elated to be in Godin His favor. We discussed some girly things, which I will of course not write about here – but just so you know, we had tones of fun, laughterbonding.

And yes, there was added emphasis to include many other girls in the parties. So we came up with a plan.

  1. We came up with a leadership team. I have two assistant leaders now, one for the bigger girlsone for the younger girls. We have different girls taking care of PR, topics, finances, hospitality,records. The girls chose the roles for themselves, each according to their talentspersonality – things we have been learning about over the years.
  2. All Girls’ Party: The next party, that will include all the girls, will be held next year during the ‘Long Mid Term”, when all the schools will be on a break during that election period.
  3. There will be a minimal fee charged, to facilitate for the snacks – I usually cater for that, but the girls suggested it,really, it will be good, in order to make the parties more manageable.
  4. It was also decided that the leadership team would have trial parties before the actual parties, for planning purposes e.g. a pool party for the leadership team as we plan for the pool party for everyone else. Awesome!

 I’m really excited about the turn that this is taking. God is good,we all thank Him for His favorgrace upon us.

 In closing, let me share a verse that has been a blessing to me over the past few months this year of restoration. May the Lord shower these blessing on you.

 After you have suffered a little while, what will Jesus do for you? 1 Pet 5:10

He will personally do these things to you: restore, perfect, support, strengthen, confirm, establish, make you firmsteadfast,place you on a firm foundationsettle you. You will be empowered, confirmedestablished in Him to eternity.