Bike Trail

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Bike Trail

December 7, 2012 Uncategorized 0

As I was going to work one morning recently, a motorbike zoomed past our matatu from the roadside. As it moved along, it left a long trail of brown sand on the black shiny tarmac that is now Thika Super-highway.

The trail went on for so long that it had me thinking that it must have had a lot of sanddust from where it came from, for it to have so much of it trailing behind itself as it moved along on the highway.

Then I began to ask myself what about me is so deeply stemmed, that it continues to leave a track as I move along in life. Virtues? Vices? What’s ingrained in us from our background that continues to bear fruit long after we have moved from our background areas?

What values do we deeply embrace at the core of our heartslives that continue to affectinfluence our present day thoughts, feelings, decisions, actionstherefore outcomes?

~Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4: 23, Bible. ~