Half Year Review-where’s your life at?

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Half Year Review-where’s your life at?

July 2, 2012 Book Reviews 1

The middle of the year is here with us,the second half of 2012 has begun. Today I have spent some time thinking about the gone part of the year, the goals I had setwhether I have been achieving them or not.

There are three main developments we could make in our lives:-

  1. Integral development: Of those around you, i.e. familysociety e.g. church, school, estate, etc your skills, talents, abilitiesresponsibilities.
  2. Resource Development: In order to be able to facilitate the above e.g. having jobs so as to provide for your family.
  3. Personal Development: In order to build capacity for betterhigher resource development e.g. completing your doctoral studies.

The question is, have you been making advancements in the above areas?

As I was doing my review, I looked at several things.

  • Who am I, really? (Besides my name)
  • What do I want my life to count for at the end of the day?
  • How can I do this?
  • Where can I do these things? (And with whom?)
  • How about development?
  1. Who am I, really? (Besides my name) – I see myself as,desire to be moremore of:  A Princess to God, a Treasure to Myself, an Angel to my Familya Gift to the World. As a princess I enjoy God being my Father, as a treasure to myself I give myself choice treatment, as an angel to my family I choose to love them no matter the situation, as a gift I offer what God has blessed me with freely e.g. counseling, mentoring, etc.
  2. What do I want my life to count for at the end of the day? I want to worship God in excellence in all that I dothus inspire beyond my timespace.
  3. How can I do this – what abilities can enable me to do these important things in my life? I want to use my talentsabilities for this e.g. singing, writing, leading, planning & organizing thingspeople, art, poetry, etc
  4. Where can I do these things?(and with whom?) At home (e.g. during devotions, sing; in church – counseling, mentoring, reading announcements, moderating; with Amazing Girl Ministry write on this website, counsel girls one on one, in groupsvirtually, have Amazing Girl Parties, etc
  5. How about development? Through the above, integral development. As for resource development, keep working at my job,for personal development – reading (at least one book per week), subscribe to helpful websites, attend events that help me learn, grow through challenging projectssituations.

I also looked at what I could do to improve on the above,I came up with a few things:-

  1. Work towards daily family devotions
  2. Regularize the above activitiesimprove their quality
  3. Prayfast at least once a fortnight

Perhaps you could look through the same for yourself,let me know whether you are making progress.

Looking forward to hearing from you,





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