A dad’s influence

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A dad’s influence

June 21, 2012 Dad-Daughter Relationship 0

Fathers have such a great impact on us as children of both genders,this impact affects even our later life; as well as attributes intowards marriage, familycareer. It also affects our confidenceexpectation from life – some believe they have to be hustlers, others have hope of a good life because it was modeled to them, others exhibit the roughness they experienced, etc.

And for girls, they can become ever so strongconfidentgo for their dreams with zeal, passionbelief; or on the contrary see men as enemiesavoid them at all costs (having no healthy relationships with them), or sell themselves far too short for not having known their true worthvalue from a properloving male perspective (read father/dad.)

We should be grateful when we have a fatherly model in our lives, for we know not the magnitude of the blessing they aregive us in our lives – until it’s either gone (sad, God forbid) or until we see the wonders of its power at work in our lives.

I don’t want to say that this ‘Father Thing’ is overrated, because it’s not – I don’t believe it is. We are all uniquedifferenthave different approachesresponses to life, so no-one’s being judged here.

But for what it’s worth, thank God for the Fathers in your life, appreciate them,if God nudges your heart to do so, father/be a father figure to someone/some people in your life. It matters a lot, it does!

Happy Fathers’ Day! (Albeit belated).