Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2012 Uncategorized 0


HI! This is a wonderful time given by the Lord,I am grateful. Just last Sunday we had an Amazing Girl Reunion. It was lovely to b together again, know how each one was fairing,to plan for new things.

The girls proposed that we invite more girls from the church, actually have all girls welcome to the meeting, the parties. They still hold my home as their preferred place of meeting. They would also like us to come up with a magazine,also have different speakers – older girlsladies that they admire. They want the regular monthly parties to resume. It’s clear that these had been greatly missed.

We plan to hold a Make-Up Party in August, followed closely by an Art Party to create invitations for the December party in which all young girls from our church will be welcome.  I told them that this was quite a lot of work,that it would require a lot of their help; that they would become officialstake up different roles. To say that there was excitement in the air would be an understatement. And to have  the Senior Pastor’s supportencouragement is positively overwhelming. (Rev. Simon Kabocho, Senior Pastor, CCIT).

So now I’m grateful to God for those happenings, as well as the continued ministry to the girls in my life – it is certainly a privilege from the Lord. I will keep you updated on the partiesour activities.



Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Today (Sunday 13th May 2012) is Mother’s Day, a day on which we get to celebrate our mothers. It really should be Mother’s Day (Anna Jarvis, one who fought to have this day established, was very particular about the position of the apostrophe) the day on which each person gets to honor his/her mother.

And I think that is something we ought to do – thank them for giving their very lives for our good; tending us when we were young, encouraging us as we grew up, tolerating us too,praying for us, and  then releasing us out into the world to fly as we chase our dreams. Mothers, dear mothers. The things they go through because of their children are insurmountable; they make sacrifices greatcostly,love us deeply, enduringlycontinually. God bless mothers!



Oh, a lot has been going on, such as the Leaders Alive Conference in Thika, Kenya. I will be sharing some of the teachings from this conference soon. The theme was “Leading in Changing Times,”in these times of such great change, we could all use the lessons that were taught there.

God bless you big as you continue to live in Himobey Him.

Yours in His vineyard,