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April 27, 2012 Uncategorized 0


Kitchen insights again. Heating food in microwave. Routine – after heating, alarm sounds twice after first two forty second breaks, then reheating occurs. I’m washing dishes as I heat up food. Alarm #1 goes off, heating over. I’m okay with that. Just one glass to rinse. Alarm #2 cries out – panic, danger! I mutter to myself, “yeah right.” I know what’s going to happen next. Nothing that’s gonna change my evening.”

Alarm #3. Get me outa here! Now I’m ticked off. It’s predetermined what’s going to happen. I know nothing will go wrong because I’m done with the glasscan now remove the food. But I decide not to. I open the microwaveclose it. Thanks to its 2 brains, it stops beeping, yet the food is still in there.

I think to myself – God has set at timepurpose for us,has a clear plan of when to do what. But we sound the alarm so loud, not knowing that what’s going on has an almost zero effect on eternity. And that He can alter the controls of any time; keeping us at the same certain level till we learn what we ought. Kinder am, I think.