What you’re doing counts

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What you’re doing counts

January 16, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Dear Friends,

Hi, Happy New Year!!!

My apologies for a strange posting that has come to you this morning through your email address. When a website is active, it can get ‘attacked’ by some internet ‘robots’ to trysend out their own messages for whatever publicity reasons. I have checked that in my website,I have stopped whatever was messing it up.

I think that’s sort of what happens when we’re working for God. If we are doing a good jobca havoc to the Devil’s Kingdom, he’ll tryfind a way to mess up our lives so that we stop being effective in growing God’s Kingdom….and thus stop messing around with his evil Kingdom. So that we stop being a witness for God.

I think the first thing he attacks is our faith, so that we no longer have the  conviction to tell others about God or His goodness in our lives, or what God can do for them too, because we don’t really believe it anyway…or doubt what we believe….

More or less the same way you may start wondering about the authenticity of emails from the Amazing Girl website…

But thankfully that is now resolved. Be encouraged that if you’re having a few hard timesyet you’re serving God, it could be a sign that the devil is mad with you….meaning that although you’re feeling lowdiscouraged now, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT AND OF GREAT CONSEQUENCE, SO KEEEEEEEEP ON!!!!