Motherhood-Directing to Destiny

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Motherhood-Directing to Destiny

December 29, 2011 Uncategorized 0

This is a phrase I first had from recently a fast becoming close friend of mine. This was when we were discussing parenting, the call, the costs, the joysthe fruits. She said something very powerful, that even if she does nothing else, she hopes to leave her children with a godly legacy, to leave the legacy that she showed them God. Wow!


That was quite a wake-up call for me, a girl of many ambitions.


I have since decided to build my life around my permanents, instead of making my permanents revolve around my temporaries. I have decided to focus on my familyinvest in them, my husbandmy daughter. To create priority time for them, for us together,to let work, churchsocial activities revolve around the main concerns of my family. I can resign from anything elseit’ll go on, I can’t possibly resign from being a wife or mother.


My investmentresponsibility to my family is most keydeserves my ultimate consideration, timeattention. For this will I God hold me most accountable, because He has strategically placed me in my family for a very definite purposereason,with proper equipping for the task at handthe task ahead. I owe Him that, at least.


So with the past ThanksgivingChristmas celebrations, I thank God for the gift of my family, the honor to tend them,the most recent insight of how to live my life because of them. As I move on into the new year, I purpose to build my life around my permanents. Everything else will fall into place after that. How about you?


Have a great year ahead, a year of restoration to God’s placementpurpose for you, your lifeall that concerns you. (That’s the theme for our church ( next year, The Year of Restoration.)