You’re still precious, yes you are

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You’re still precious, yes you are

November 1, 2011 Dad-Daughter Relationship 0

Dear girls, (and guys)


I hope you have been well. I wrote in a prayer last week, that I believe we make every nowthen when faced with tough choices. May God help us to choose wisely.

Sometimes we compromise ourselves in light of momentary entertainment. The pleasure of the moment pressures us to do things we would otherwise not do. Or never thought we would do.

Sometimes we need  to learn to forgive ourselvesforge ahead. A few weeks ago I talked about several dads that are now in my life, thanks to God.

You’re still precious

I heard one of them recently encourage a young girl,I’d like to tryquote what he said. The girl had gotten herself into some trouble was feeling pretty lowworthless. And this is what he said.

“Girl, you are still precious before God,to me. I love you today, tomorrowthe day after. You may be in a mess  right now, but you are not a mess. You can get out of this situationuse your experience to help others. The devil could be trying to show you how worthless you are so that you don’t fulfill your God given purpose. Don’t give him that pleasure. Resist him. I am here to walk with you,the Holy Spirit, your Comforter, FriendHelper is with you. You will not walk alone. We will walk through this togetheryou will come out victorious.”

Now that coming from an ‘adopted’ dad, I find very powerful. Such lovecare can only be provided by God. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. More on this later.

Can you be my dad?

Then I met this wonderful young girl who’s been in my life for a while now. And she said that she wanted to have an ‘adopted’ dad. I think we’ll get her one. The dads are eager. And we girls have been searching. Can God be any louder in answering our prayers????

Let me hear from you, whether you’re a girl, guy or dad. Let’s talk. Let’s talk about real issues from the heart. Like self esteem, like confidence. Like how we feel eroded when we are compromised or when someone hurts someone we love. No flower-coats here. The real thing, the real stuff. What do you wish you’d tell to a most loving dad who’d offer you God’s lovecomfort? Dads, what would you like to tell these your daughters, from the heart of God?

Talking from the heart,

Your ( only by God’s grace) Amazing Girl,