Full Article: Amazing Dads for Amazing Girls…yeah!!

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Full Article: Amazing Dads for Amazing Girls…yeah!!

August 28, 2011 Dad-Daughter Relationship 4


I have great news!!! I’m not even sure what to start with.

Amazing Girl Party

We had a party on Sunday, after quite a long time. It was dubbed Baby Party,this was organized by the girls themselves. The very youngest of them, Rachel, is our Pastor, (smile),was the leader of the meeting. She had made some very cute programs for each of us,did a very good job moderating. We celebrated the birthday of my daughter, Hetal, who turned one on Thursday the 18th of August. They had some very special gifts for her,I was ever so blowngrateful! We also learnt about modesty,used the dictionary this time round to get the definition. It says, “(especially of a woman or her clothes or behavior) avoiding or not showing anything that might excite sexual feelings.” (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, © 1987.)


Amazing Dads for Amazing Girls


Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the past few months, have been writing to both girlsdads here on my website,they (you) have been reading. I have received quite some responses on these,been encouraged to know that other girls have had similar needsare getting blessed,that there are some wonderful dads out there who care about thisare willing to do something about it.


Dadless to a girl of many dads…

So I satthought,it dawned on me that god has done many things in my life for a very special purpose indeed. From a dadless girl to a girl of many dads….it can only be for His own very special purpose. And perhaps the purpose is to share these dads with other girls. See, if He wanted me to have a dad just for me, He’d have given me one. But He has graced me with many. So I think it is His purposeintention to dad other girls through me.


Could you perhaps do the same for other girls….., please?????

So, I asked my team of dads if they would do for other girls what they have done for me. And they said yes….a resounding yes!!!! I am so glad, so elated. I am happy to know that other girls can receive this special gift too. From the few I have had this conversation with, they would love it!!! I’m happy to blessed with the opportunity to meet girls’ needs.


Dad-encouragement for girls!

So hey, here goes, girls. If you have ever wanted or needed a dad, a dad affirmation, encouragement…. Just fatherly love shown to you, write to me about it,I will pass it on to the dads,you sure will get a response. What I missed most was dad-daughter communication. I did not necessarily want it every day, but the once in a while communication would have done wonders. Especially if it was positive. And the positive ones I have received from my team of great, amazing dads has been awesome, or “ausam!!” as my baby sister would say it.


Girls, you’re welcome to receive a Father’s Love

So what do you say, girls? You’re in for a treat! I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that no need is too small to express, to petty or too insignificant. You are very important,all of youyour concerns are very, very, important too.


So let’s ride on to Amazing Experiences!!!

4 Responses

  1. kanyuku says:

    though late, happy birthday to Hetal. i’m glad to hear of lady Rachel’s leadership prowess. Amazing girl is also raising great leaders of integrity, to serve His church.Keep up the good work.

    • Anngladys says:

      Thanks Pastor Peter!
      And happy birthday to Hetal indeed.
      Yes, I’m glad too about Rachel’s growth….I sure hope she (and them all) stays in the Lord all their lives.
      And thanks for the compliment….
      Barikiwa sana pia wewe, ou Amazing Pastor!

  2. Bobby says:

    Wow wow wow!!!! ths is ausam!!! (-: (-:
    its a gr8 job you’re doin AG!! Giving thse girls a chance so special. Kudos to all the dads out there willin to join you in ths beautiful, très-belle endeavor! GOD MAJORLY, ABUNDANTLY N HUGELY BLESS YA’LL!!!
    Kudos to Pastor Rachel too!! wow! aki si that lil angel is an inspiration! she is! may ya’ll keep this up. for God’s glory.
    I’m luv luv luvin this!!

  3. Bobby says:

    Seriously, put a “like” button on ths! (-: (-:

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