Happy new month!…and an awesome dad…

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Happy new month!…and an awesome dad…

July 31, 2011 Dad-Daughter Relationship 9

It’s been about a month since I wrote in here, or should I say out here. I’ve been writing in my heart and on my  mind, thinking and putting it on paper, mostly wondering whether what I wrote here last was too personal….whether I really should write that out here.

But then again I remind myself that I am following the convictions of my heart, that that is what I feel pressed to do, like a calling, a purpose to fulfill, a duty, an obligation. And when I do it I am fulfilled, I am happy, I know that I have pleased my master, my conscience is free.

This is not to suggest that it is in any way easy to open my heart for many to see, to let my thoughts be known by so many….and in such an intimate way. But I do it anyway,


–          The girls who wonder if they are alone in this

–          The dads who hear God’s call and care for these girls

–          The people who generally wonder what’s going on in the minds of children without dads

–          The girls who might want to choose to be single-mums in this cold, hard world – jus’ so you know, you may “make it” alright, but your baby won’t. she’ll look like she did, but she’ll be like this. You still want to make that choice?

Now, I have been prompted to write again because of the responses I have been receiving – offline especially. Some do come online, but quite a lot come offline.

I get questions, people asking me why I stopped writing. I’m surprised that they have been reading. And then they tell me why they haven’t responded….oh I read from my phone so sometimes it’s hard to comment, or I’ve been  traveling…or something. But one response has just blown me…totally floored me.


A friend of mine graduated recently, and one of my favorite pastors got to learn about it. He asked her whether her dad was at the graduation, and the girl said no…but that her aunties were there….and before she could finish saying  that, my now even more favorite than ever pastor turned to her, and gave her a most warm, loving dad-hug, and said, “Let me hug you on his behalf.” And then gave her a side hug and continued talking…..

I could have burst out right there, but I did in my heart. My eyes still tear when I think about it…it’s a most wonderful thing!!!!!!!! You go, pastor dad!

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  1. and boy was she blessed. 🙂

  2. Rhodah says:

    love this!

  3. if there was a ‘like’ button on the fourth comment, i’d have clicked on it! 🙂

  4. kanyuku says:

    hi AaayG, Now this is interesting.You can be sure that i never expected this to be the missing link to your article. Well now that it did i bless the Lord. Keep writing and may the Lord bless you.Good and Great August.

    • Anngladys says:

      Hi Amazing Pastor,
      Great to read from you. You sure were the link….stay around, you bless many of us girls!!
      God bless you too, and have a wonderful month as well.

  5. Bobby says:

    You shud put a “like”…no..a “love-button” for ths, coz ths is AUSAM!! luv it!

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