2011 Parties

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2011 Parties

June 2, 2011 Becoming an Amazing Girl Book 1

Author: Anngladys Gichuhi, Foreword by Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi, ACMI FounderInternational Director

HI!! Been a while since I wrote in here…. Let me put some updates on what’s been going on.

Parties are back!!!

Last party was a reunion party, I’d say. We had an awesom time coming together again after quite a long time since my Baby Girl came along. So we met, were glad to see each other,and updated each other on how we had been.

I was glad to learn that my girls were doing well in school, as well as in church. Two have moved on to high-school, so we have less meeting times, but more girl talk when we do! And girl talk on a different level too.

The girls enjoyed holding the baby,expressed such awelove. I guess it’s the motherly instinct already in them! They said she was beautiful (I can’t fail to report that, smile :))that she was amazing:).

Baby Party coming up!

And so they decided that the next party would be dabbed Baby Party. They said they’d buy gifts for her,come shower her with them,celebrate. One of them, Rachel, is our “Pastor.” She is the pastor in her sunday school class,so she was automatically voted the pastor in our meetings too. She’ll be leading the next party. I can’t wait to see her glow in that role!!

Book Club: Becoming an Amazing Girl

We also began going through the Becoming An Amazing Girl book,discussing each chapter thoroughly. This we shall continue untill we are done…even as we have various themes for the parties.

I”d like to know your thoughts on these things. Any comments?

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  1. kanyuku says:

    nice to hear of the meetingparty again. may the ministry keep growing ,enroll more girls keep growing. i only wondered whether you meant ‘glow’ or ‘grow’ for RACHEL.Any can do but which did you intend to use? eh have a great day

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