Spring Cleaning!!

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Spring Cleaning!!

April 21, 2011 Uncategorized 4

General cleaning
A couple of days ago I was doing some thorough cleaning at home, and due to being in water for long, my hands were really soft. I came across an unraveling piece of sewing thread, and as I was winding it back, I felt that I had to be very careful because the slightest tension was affecting my hands quite substantially.
Something that would otherwise be of negligible effect caused so much difference to me afar I was in the water. Guess that’s how we receive God’s word, depending on where we’ve been. If we remain alert and connected with Him, even the slightest of movements can indicate to us a major plan and intent of God, and we know to ready ourselves for this move. Otherwise, even a rather direct comment may pass unnoticed and therefore be inconsequential in our lives, and we miss out on God’s works. Connectedness keeps us tender, sensitive and responsive to His word.
How wet are our hands?

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  1. kanyuku says:

    this can make a good series that you could work on especially by including some scriptures for the girls and boys.Psalms may be a great resource on this

  2. Guest2 says:

    I totally agree with the suggestion above. You could even have a book titled something like,’Thinking through’, or ‘Insights from’normal daily experiences’…..backed by scripture ‘cos I feel its all basically about extending the kingdom of God….for His glory.

  3. Anngladys says:

    @Pst. Kanyuku:thanks for the tip, I’ll look into it.
    @Guest2: Yes, it’s about extending the kingdom of God.That’s a great idea too, thanks!

  4. olikohle says:

    Habs mir durchgelesen, mir gefällt dein Schreibstill

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