“I’m attracted to yah!”

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“I’m attracted to yah!”

April 12, 2011 Uncategorized 1

I saw a young boy getting home with his bike,I watched as he got it through the gate. I admired the beautiful color of the bike, the mudguards,the general framework. And I was attracted to the bike.
However, along with the beauty, the bike also came with a price tag of other things. It needed to be taken care of, regular servicing, keep the chain in check,should it (the chain) get out, then inevitably get your hands oily while fixing it….and many other things.
Yes, all good things do come with a “responsibilitymaintenance” tag. You’ve gotta tend them – books, looks, relationships, electronics. It’s not just about the beauty, but if you want the beauty so bad, go right aheadget it – with the price tag in mind.

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  1. kanyuku says:

    yes we are fearfullywonderfully made, it did cost our must something! we must honor him with our beauty as do all to maintain it. have a good day.

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