Rest on the way

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Rest on the way

March 14, 2011 Uncategorized 0

I was recently walking home in the evening,  and the sun was rather hot. I got to a shaded placewanted to stay thererest some, but I had to walk on. I realized that if I really did want to rest, it’d be better if I walked on because that way I could get home soonerrest more completely,how I wanted.

Same case with our purposes in life, I guess. On our way to our destinations that be, the road may get roughhot,a few patches of comfort, oases of rest may seem appealing to us. But we are not to camp there, because “home”, our ideal resting place, our purpose destination is ahead – not there.

“You have stayed too long at this mountain, it is now time to break campadvance.”
Bible, Old Testament.