Special Poetry: Before She Cries

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Special Poetry: Before She Cries

February 6, 2011 Uncategorized 0

I look at heradmire

Just about everything about her

Her eyes her hair

Her pretty hands her fingers

Then fingers, those fingers

They reach outtry to grasp

Her pretty little pacifier

And lead to her even prettier mouth

She triesshe tries

She tugspulls

She stretches she reaches

And then her eyes swell with tears

She tries some more

Pushing the paci even farther

She moves her head

And whines a little

Onon she tries

Until she really really can’t

Then she lets out a faint cry

That would soon grow if I was not watching by

I hand her the pacifier

With joypride in my heart

I have a hero for a daughter

Who tries before she cries

Then I think about my life

And how often I am tempted

To cry before I try

And once more I am challenged

That such a tiny little baby

Can teach me such a great mighty lesson

To try before I cry

I love you Hetal! (Mummy)(Yummy Mummy if you like, smile)