Update: 10 Week Talent Challenge

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Update: 10 Week Talent Challenge

February 5, 2011 Becoming an Amazing Girl Book 0

We are having a 10 week talent challenge, looking at different areas of our gifting. Here’s an update of what has been happening.

Week 1 – Dancing

We danced a bit,had a lot of fun, enjoying ourselvesthanking God for those special abilities. We were later invited to dance at a friend’s wedding in April! Smile.

Week 2- Making Cards

Cards we did make! Both in soft copyin hardcopy. Designing items that would be used even in large numbers – one needed 500 copiesanother 1,000 copies. It is such pleasurefulfillment to see our work in bulk production,even more, encouraging someone who receives it for a special occasion or time of need. (E.g. birthday, sick friend.)

Week 3 – Poetry

Boy oh boy! Ooops, wrong site. Girl oh girl! Smile. This was a wonderful week. Sitting down, meditating,enjoying the refreshing moments of putting our heartsminds on paper! It is both such a great joyrelief to express oneself in poetry, it cannot quite be explained, it is best experienced.

Week 4 – Story Writing

My friend has come up with a wonderful lead that could end up in a big story. At the time of writing this, I have mainly given the stories orally ….. will write them soon! Before the end of this week, at least 2 stories from each of us. Will updateyou when that happens!


Would you like to join us in our activities? Discover your talentsspend a week on each? Developinggrowing it?

Leave us a comment right here, or email us on anngladys@becominganamazinggirl.org. Looking forward to hearing from you!!