I love and admire my daughter, so very much so! Not only because she’s God’s wonderful and precious gift to me, but also because she is in her own right developing her personality and living her own life already! And the lessons I continue to learn from her, I sure hope I can be like that sometimes!

  1. She tries before she cries: This young girl makes some effort to reach for something, then only when she is truly unable to reach it after several tries does she begin whimpering and crying. It’s as if she believes that there will definitely be a way out.
  2. She goes for what she wants until she gets it: I love to watch her determination and persistence. Isn’t it just so cute from such a little, little one!
  3. She makes a fuss to get what she wants: I can’t quite say this is always admirable, but it sure teaches me a HUGE lesson. She influences her environment until it produces what she wants. She does something that causes others around her to make her dream come true.
  4. She lights up her environment with her smile: This especially makes: me happy, because her name means friendly, warmhearted, cheerful and happy. I pray that she will be the first recipient of the joy that her smile radiates.
  5. She does not pretend if she doesn’t like someone or something, even if it’s good: It’s so very genuine of her! Whether it is refusing to be held by strangers, or a friend she hasn’t seen for a while, or refusing to feed when she’s full, it sure is a lesson against fake relationships! Be genuine!!