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December 20, 2010 Uncategorized 0

On Saturday morning (11th Dec 2010), as I was doing the dishes in my kitchen, my husband told me that my friends were shifting. Which friends, you may ask. My new-found friends, my little girls! A wave swept over my heart,a quick series of the memories of our events together flashed through my mind.


How we met, how they would want to come injust stay. The games we played, introducing them to Word-Power (scrabble), writing compositions, talking about what they would like to become when they grew up, holding my baby…

Quality Time-Relationships versus Things

As I thought about this, I realized that I wished in  my heart that I had given them more time. How I wished for one more time with them! I finished rinsing one item, then my husband called me to the window to see them getting ready to go. They had their things packedwere about to drive away….


I went outside to see them,I saw some different children where I expected to find my girls. I asked for one of them,I was told she had gone to the shop outside the gate. Living in a gated community, I thought they had already gone. I went back to the house, after leaving a message that  I was looking for her.


No sooner had I entered the house than I heard some loud, rapid, excited knocks on the door. My girls were here!!! And they wanted to come in! I was so glad, my heart was so warmed. They could stay, even though I was busy. They could play, they could just hang around…just don’t go!


So today we had several games, not just one. We played scrabble again (more like teaching them all over again). Then we played what they called “Game ya police na thief” (Policethief game), where there are four papers, each written one of four names: Thief, Police, KingWitness. They would pick the papers at random,play the assigned roles. The king would decide what punishment the police would give the thief. And the witness, she would guess who the thief was,if she guessed wrong, then she would become the thief, the one to receive the punishment.

Sharing the Love of Jesus

I took this chance to teach them about Jesus. God is the King,the devil is the police. If we do not believe in Jesus, we will not be forgiven of our sins,we will be sent to hell, where the devil (police) would punish us (thief). The only way to escape that is to believe in Jesus. The witnesses? The angels with whom we would sing with in heaven. I told them that Jesus loves them.

Character Training

During the game, one of them swore. And I took that opportunity to teach them about swearing,that it is not good. I explained to the girls the meaning of what one of them had saidthey were in shock. “Good,” I thought. At least they were learning, I hope so.

Jesus saw you

One of the girls almost lied about the character that was on her paper. Then one of them told her, “I saw you,Jesus has seen you too.” Then she confirmed with me that what she had said was true, wasn’t it? Oh! Was I glad or what? That possibly the last message I told them was about Jesus,that He loves themwants them to go to heaven,they will if they believe in Him. Considering  they are our cousins, I thank God for being able to tell them this.

Project Fame: Talent Search

Then they still did not want to go. One more game. Project Fame. So they arranged us, making 3 of us judges,two of them performing, singing on a stage (part of the living room),moving around, dancing…..what they had been watching in the recently ended Tusker Project Fame program. They wanted us judges to give them comments,not just good ones, but harsh ones too. And to put one of them on probation,to choose a winner….oh my!

Is this song good?

They wondered about singing a certain artiste’s song, but they wondered if that artist was good. They had heard some negative comments about her,weren’t sure that it was okay to sing her songs. We talked a bit about it,they decided to choose some better songs.

Foreign Languages

No, I did not give them a negative comment. I took the chance to build their self esteem,encouraged them to learn foreign languages (bias bias, I love GermanFrench,I’m dabbling in FrenchSpanish…) Oh well, this is because they had learnt by heart the Spanish songs that accompany some of the Soap Operas that air on our television screens in the evening. They had learnt those songswere today presenting them. Wow, that’s talent. And they did sing well, I’ve got to give them that.

Their mum called,it was time to go….so we hugged, overover again,I saw them off. I’ll miss them. They say it’s only for the holidays. I look forward to seeing them in January again. I’m glad we had the time this morning together. I’ll miss them …. God bless my girls!