Food Party!!

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Food Party!!

July 20, 2010 Girl Issues 3

This past Sunday we had a wonderful time at our Drop Scones Party…which somehow changed its name to Food Party.

This time round, it was done at Teacher Monica’s homewhat a treat she gave us!

In addition to teaching us how to make ‘Drops,’ she threw a surprise party for her daughter who’s birthday was only 4 days away.

We learnt about responsibility, breaking the name down to Response Ability. This was in two ways

a)      Responding with obediencerespect to what our authorities tell us; and

b)      Anticipating future needspreparing to meet them before they come e.g. preparing for exams, picking out clothes for Sunday earlier in the week, etc.

This was followed by our usual questionanswer time, some related to the topic of the daysome not, but all girl issues! J We love to bond!

We had two new girls, BrendaTracy;also some other guests. Becky Bixlerher two sons TitusIsaac joined us later together with BishopBetty Mwangi of Uganda.

The girls played outside skipping rope,playing some football before leaving for home.

We thank God for thisfor the future proposed plans:

a)      August: Poem-the girls will be presenting a poem for CCIT’s 30 years anniversary celebrations, so this month will be dedicated to rehearsingpreparing for that big day. Responsibiillity,huh?

b)      September: Baby Party – This will be when they go to Anngladys’s home to see her expected new born baby…

c)       October: Milk Shake Party – Rachel will be teaching us how to make milkshake,a girl lesson will be incorporated in this as well.

d)      November: Prayer Party – when we shall encouragepray for the candidates among us, as they prepare forsit their final exams,others, regular exams.

e)      December: Samosa Party!!! – this will be together with a Christmasend-year party, to thank God for 2010to plan for 2011.

Please pray with us for God’s continued presence, provisionabove all, a great relationship with Him, helping the girls know their identity,  worthpurpose in Him.


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  1. G. Williams says:

    Dear Amazing girl,
    Its my prayer that as many girls as possible get to not only know but also participate in the ‘Amazing girl’ activities such as the “food party”learn such vital values – responsibility, respect, submission to authority – as they share (food)play. May the Almighty GOD continue to strengthen you in your contribution to help the girls know their identity, self-worthpurpose in life. Glory to God!

  2. bobby says:

    I just gotta say,,, amazing girl ministry is a wonderful gift to girls awt there. May God keep it to reach to em,,,, on all levels,,,(spiritually, socially, emotionally etc)

  3. bobby says:

    p/s those pics are just B.E.A.U.T.IFUL!!!! 🙂

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