Amazing Girl Afternoon & Talent Party

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Amazing Girl Afternoon & Talent Party

December 23, 2009 Becoming an Amazing Girl Book Girl Issues 1

The afternoon of Sunday 13th December  was indeed an amazing afternoon with the girls. When coming in, each girl received a beautiful pink cardrose flower, while registering at the welcome desk.

We began with praiseworship led by Beracah Worship Team,then after prayer, Anngladys welcomed the people.

There were three presentations right then. Gloria Nyambura talked about her writing talenthow she had received some of her inspiration from Anngladys. She highlighted two of her stories, telling about how pride comes before a fall,encouraging us that God knows why bad things happen to us, even when we don’t understand. We were all inspired. Faith Waweru then sung in French,Eveylyn Nyambura sang a beautiful English song.

Then it was time for the speaker, Mrs. Susan Mbugua, Anngladys’ mentor, auntfriend.

She began by giving 5 ways to identify one’s real self.

  1. Listen to your inner self. Put other people’s expectations aside,ask yourself what you really think, feelwant.
  2. Stay in touch with your dreamsgoals. Visualize them. And remember that you can work towards them, you’re young!
  3. your true emotions. If you can’t cry, write! Dance, cry, be happy….express yourself. You can do this in private, or where you feel most comfortable at.
  4. Choose your activities carefully. Learn to say no without feeling guilty or ashamed.
  5. Improve yourself, take riskslearn. Do something to better yourself.

REM: you can’t know your true identity unless you are in CHRIST!

Luke 15:24, I Cor. 6: 9-11, I John 3:10

God brings a positive change! Becoming an amazing girl is a process. Things that are not of God do not make you any better. Also, God has everything ready for you. You are complete in Him. Don’t waste yourself in this season of your youth, so that you won’t have to regret.

Elizabeth Maundu then sang the song “I wish,” a song that went very well with the speaker’s last part. Ruth presented a song,recited a poem, while Maureen together with JaneHilda sang the song, “Above All.”

Mrs. Susan Mbugua then came backtalked about purpose.

She said that purpose helps you in making your decisions,it motivates you to overcome obstacles. It helps you see beyond the herenow. It takes time to find your purpose, making it more of a journey than something to just jump into.


  1. Don’t expect instant results. Enjoy your journey.
  2. Identify your strengths – your purpose is related to them.
  3. Identify your passions – what is it that nobody can stop you from doing?
  4. Identify the causes that matter to you – what triggers your inner self? Is there a condition in the world that makes s you feel discontent? Is there something you feel the urge to do something about? What do you have to do something about?
  5. Find the interactions between your strengths, passionscauses. Keep doing this till you can find what you want to bewhere you want to go.
  6. Write your mission statement as young as you are.
  7. Do something about number 5 above. Your one liner is a guide to finding your purpose.
  8. Act based on the feedback of your refined mission statement.

God has a purpose for you. Involve god in finding your life purpose. Only god knowshas your purpose in life. You are unique, very unique,God has made only one you. Don’t try to copy others, be yourself.

This was followed by RosaliaMary, who presented a wonderful duet. Yvonne then sang “More than what I wanted”TracieJoan sang an own composition, “Thank you (God) for making me me.” Anngladys then showed a painting that Lydia had done, but had not been able to be present to show it to the group.

Mrs. Mbugua then went on to speak about talent.

She talked about talent being a natural ability to do things well. It is enduringunique. She said, “Your greatest improvement will come from developing your talent not from correcting your weaknesses.” Talents are inborn. Finding them can be tricky, but once you find them, practice them!!!


  1. Think about what you love to do, what you enjoy doing without being asked.  E.g. when you are asked to wash dishes, you sing. Nobody asked you to sing, J
  2. What do you seem to be naturally good at?
  3. Play, experiment, explore, investigate. Phil. 4:13 you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
  4. Notice what people tell you about you.
  5. Consider your interests – what you like to read, write, watch, listen to, etc.
  6. Notice what you’re not good at too. What seems to be a struggle? Eg some people are great talkers but not writers.
  7. Keep a journal/notebook of some sort to capture your thoughts.
  8. Practice! Once you find something you love to do.
  9. Share your talents with others.
  10. Nurture your talent by finding a teacher or mentor.
  11. Use your talents for other people! You can consider making it a career or a hobby.

When one door closes, another opens. Don’t give up.

Mrs. Mbugua then conluded by encouraging the girls to not agree to be used by the boys. Boys, when they undergo the rite of passage, say they desire to marry virgins. But they also say that they want to “experiment” before then. Don’t agree to be used for their “experiments.” Keep yourself pure for your future husband!!

There was a questionanswer session,girls shared what topics they would want handled in the future.

Carol Kagendo, Mary MwangiRhodah Mwangi surprised Anngladys with a carda bouquet of flowers for showing their appreciation of her participation (facilitating a session, etc) in a recently held Teens Camp at ACMI.

Rhodah then crowned it all with a mime  to Darlene Cschek’s song, My heart belongs to you. We then all took a photo as a group, holding up our cards, flowers, the painting,copies of Anngladys’ book, Becoming an Amazing Girl.

**Photos coming soon.

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