A great weekend!

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A great weekend!

November 9, 2009 Uncategorized 1

Wow! What a weekend this was!!

Activity started rising on Friday afternoon, when I went to Goodwish School to speak. The school was having prayers for the class 8 candidates who were going to be sitting for their final exams beginning Tuesday 10th November 2009. The manager, Mrs. Njuguna, had invited me to both preachspeak to the candidates on that day,basically to the whole school since they were all going to be in attendance. It was really a beautiful experience. One of the teachers led us in praiseworship,then we prayed. The children had many wonderful presentations, followed by speeches from one candidate,some parents. Then I spoke, encouraging the candidates to take responsibility of their lives. You can see the speech here. Later, together with the teachersparents, we prayed for the candidates. The parents bought copies of my book which was on display. The whole event ended very happily indeed. I was glad to be back at my former primary school,this time giving back to them. I thank God for the honor.

Saturday was another busy day for me. I was up early, doing a lot of mental work (as a writer, that’s my main kind of work.) Then I left for church, to attend the wedding of a friend of mine. The wedding, designed to portray the African culture, was a real beauty. And so was the reception time, with lots of great entertainmentdancing. I left shortly after to go shopping for my house, visiting both the supermarketthe market. It was definitely a whole lot to do, especially seeing as I had been feeling unwell the whole of last week. After washing clothes in the evening, (that was the only possible time I could squeeze in),doing several other things, I went to bed tired but very happy, having accomplished so muchhaving made sure that my home is in A-shape.

Sunday, boy oh boy! It was our worship team leading praiseworship, so that meant we had to be in church by 6.30 am to pray before service began at 7 am. We enjoyed the service filled with the presence of the Lord. A number of people gave testimonies about the good things that God had done for them,this encouraged the rest of us. After service, we had tea fellowship,all the members were outside taking teasnackstalking. It was great to connect with others in this way. I love my church. It’s like big happy warmloving family.

After that, I was leadingministering in a meeting called Refreshing Moments. This is something we do as Beracah & Raised to Praise Worship Team. We meetspend time worshipping God, prayinglearning about worship. I was honored to be leadingspeaking in the meeting. We had a great time in there, it was very encouraging.

I left for the city after the meeting, to goattend a bridal shower of a friend of mine. She had no clue we were doing this for her. A few of her friends, together with her boyfriend, had secretly planned the whole event,the bride-to-be was without a single clue. She cried a lot when a whole party of girls showed up at the place where she was – a friend’s house, the chief organizer. And then, amidst the sharing of snackswonderful company, we all talkedshared about relationshipsmarriage,showered her with gifts. There were four married ladies present,we all shared from our experienceswhat we had learnt about marriage. I had been asked to be the speaker, so I shared what I had prepared. As the married ladies all begged to leave before the rest, the single girls remained behind partying. Life can really be different, huh?

On my way home I was thinkingwondering, did we really tell her everything? Can a bridal shower really fully prepare a girl for marriage? Because you see, it’s not just about “getting” a husbandexpecting flowersromance 24-7, it also is about becoming a wife, being a wife. I wondered, is my friend ready to BE a wife, you know, with the responsibilitiesall.

I went home happy, determined to be the best wife I could possibly be,once I got home, I put into practice just about every possible thing I could have before I slept. Very tired I was, but happy. Happylooking forward to meeting with my friend soon for some unfinished business…..

It’s Monday morning now,the week has began. I look forward to the happenings of this week. And you? How was your weekend? What did you learn,what do you look forward to this week?


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  1. Tabitha says:

    Thanks for posting this. Nicely done! (By the way, I was impressed with your ranking on Yahoo too, good job!) I’ll be checking back later to read some of your other stuff…

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